The 2020 College/Senior High School Entrance Review schedules are now posted! RESERVE YOUR SLOT UNTIL FEBRUARY 20, 2020 FOR EARLY-BIRD DISCOUNTS!



BRAIN TRAIN, the national pioneer in UPCAT Review classes, will hold its first ever Senior High School Entrance Review this summer 2016.  Venues will be the following:

  • The ABBA’s Orchard School Katipunan Ave. (April 18-May 5)
  • The ABBA’s Orchard School McKinley (May 9-26)
  • The ABBA's Orchard School Evia Alabang (May 9-26)
  • Brain Train Sta. Rosa Greenfield (May 5-28). 

Early bird discounts are available until March 18 only.

The BRAIN TRAIN UPCAT Review will be also be held simultaneous to the said schedules, but slots will be limited, as only a few will be graduating from high school next school year as the country transitions into the government’s K-12 program.

In 2015, BRAIN TRAIN produced more than 1500 UPCAT passers, 11 UP Oblation Scholars (top 50 of the UPCAT), and 20 INTARMED (UP 7-year Medicine) candidates.  On top of that, it has also produced numerous Ateneo de Manila and De La Salle University topnotchers in the same year.

For more details, please call Brain Train at (02)897-8826 or (049)576-0595.


BRAIN TRAIN UPCAT Review Franchise


To those who have been asking whether BRAIN TRAIN is open for franchising, here's our reply:

While opening BRAIN TRAIN for franchising to the public will definitely keep the moolah coming without much effort from the main office, we limit the franchiseonly to longtime BRAIN TRAIN teachers and staff. So it's almost saying that BRAIN TRAIN is not open for franchising.


First, we do not want BRAIN TRAIN to fall into the hands of virtual strangers. Sure, interested franchisers will submit their biodata and all (including "character references", which are basically people who they know will say good things about them).  But we do not think this is sufficient.

The men and women behind BRAIN TRAIN started from scratch (see BRAIN TRAIN History HERE), and it will be very unfortunate if some jaded educator (ie, a teacher who is bored out of his wits teaching who now wants to have a business) or wily businessman franchisee will cut corners and the BRAIN TRAIN brand suffers.

We want BRAIN TRAIN only in the hands of people whom we've seen work--people who know how seriously we take care of BRAIN TRAIN.  We only want people who we are sure have a heart for education and not business; people whose hearts will bleed for deserving students who are having trouble; and people who are willing to be inconvenienced just to push a student further. Jaded educators and wily businessmen are not our cup of tea.

Second is the teachers issue. Teachers are arguably the most important factor in review classes, as the things that come out of their mouths might spell the difference between a student's passing and failing.

As almost all former BRAIN TRAIN students have testified, BRAIN TRAIN teachers are among the best teachers they have encountered. Ever. And rightly so. These days, becoming a BRAIN TRAIN teacher may be more difficult than becoming a UP instructor.  BRAIN TRAIN teachers are not all about academic credentials--it's about scholastic achievement AND charisma AND work ethics AND trainability/humility. Frankly, this combination is hard to find.  Humility aside, we know that many businessfolks will grab the opportunity to have a BRAIN TRAIN franchise (based on the volume of franchise inquiries we are getting). BRAIN TRAIN Centers will mushroom nationwide, and we will be in dire need of new teachers. We do not want to hire new teachers just for the sake of filling up teaching positions. We cannot allow franchisees to hire teachers whom we haven't screened and trained.


We have nothing against franchising.  In fact, we believe that it is a wise business strategy.  But not when it comes to our business.  
This is not some beverage business whose ubiquity (and even blandness) will be a welcome sight to a thirsty pedestrian.  Or a fastfood joint that will calm a grumbling stomach.  A dissatisfied client would have just wasted a few minutes and a few bucks for these services.

But an UPCAT or College Entrance Review could spell a huge difference in a student's life.  We are talking about parents spending hard-earned money because they believe we can help their kids get into the universities that will open a plethora of opportunities for them.  We are talking about the things that will be inculcated into the minds of the students--things that they will use when making decisions.  And probably most trivial of them all, we are talking about the summertime--a time most students look forward to, which might be wasted by a poor review quality. ;)

To those who want to get into an UPCAT review business for profit's sake, please reconsider (and consider the fact that after next year, UPCAT reviews will go into hiatus because of the K+12 program.  Your investments this year and next year might just be wasted).

And the Free UPCAT Review from Brain Train Goes To...


Wonderful Wednesday everyone!  

We would like to thank everyone who submitted their essays.  Truly, we all had a difficult time choosing which essay entry stood out.  Every entry gave really nice insights in creating the best UPCAT review center.  Sadly, we can have only 3 winners.  And without further ado, these are this year's winners:

People's Choice

Academic Clinic's Choice


Winners, congratulations!  We hope that you would be able to use your prize well.  Please get in touch with us ASAP so we can discuss your options

To our partner, Academic Clinic, thank you very much for your continued support.  We are very happy you are with us in this contest!

To those who did not make it, we hope you'd still enroll with us.  We still give huge discounts to early enrollees.  We assure you that every centavo and every second you spend with us will be worthy.

2013 Essay Entry #10: Dream beyond UPCAT



Dream beyond UPCAT

by Von Jadersh Aculan

I started daydreaming a lot about studying in the University of the Philippines and I’m also wondering what would help me to enter that prestigious school everyone is dreaming of.
At a young age, I always make it to the point of thinking until I burst as a result of contemplating about these matters that may take my life into a lucrative and successful one.

I’m pretty addicted of knowing so much idea regarding review centers, and it does make sense.
I set many guidelines of choosing the best review center. One of those is a good teacher/mentor who will take an interest in why you chose their review center and will help you achieve your goals for the future; a teacher who’s courteous, professional and approachable. They should make sure to give their best and the attention everyone needs to experience and to feel comfortable learning their skills and ideas that you can gather and use for the UPCAT examination. If they demonstrate a positive attitude that makes you feel welcome, then the review center is worth a second look.

Another factor is well-designed facilities. Although it does not guarantee higher student achievement, it is still important because it can attract and make the student not to skip a day of classes. Parents can also ask about the qualifications of the teachers.

The background of the review center is the most important factor to look for when choosing the right review center; performance, credibility, and the power of giving the students the sufficient knowledge and time needed for them to be mentally ready. The review center must prioritize the students; they should not make their enrollees feel left out during class hours with their classmates.

Favoritism must also be avoided so that the students would not feel any awkwardness that they are being treated unequally. Choose the review center that will not only ensure your future going to your dream university but also the one that will benefit you from lower tuition fees.
How can you be sure if a review center is providing you straight and right answers?  There’s nothing wrong in checking how long a review center had been established. It can help you figure out what’s best for your children.

Depending on suggestions of your friends and relatives who had an experience with a review center is a good factor, too. They can easily help you out of your indecisive stage of choosing. If you want quality review classes then you should not look for a review center that will only cost too much of money. It’s just like flying to another country. Of course you want the best airline to take you to your destination, so expect for surprising rates that will cost you.
Look for the review center that are not conducting daily classes for you to have time for yourself and also the one who gives out homework that may help you and the review to be more effective.

The quality review materials are also one of the best guidelines of choosing the best review center. Why?  Because these serves as a good help to gain more points of knowledge that you can use for the upcoming UPCAT examination.
Whatever your choice is, UPCAT review centers will always be a guide towards your future, dreams, and goals. Just make everything possible and everything will turn out right. In the end, it is still in the hands of those who will take the opportunity to enter the strenuous, life-changing moment of everyone who dreamed of being one of those “Iskolar Para Sa Bayan”
Show your urge, eagerness, and confidence and you can be one of them. Don’t just rely on what you have learned before and on what you have obtained from your trusted and chosen review center. Give your best, trust yourself, think positive, conquer the fear, beat the UPCAT, and have faith in God.

2013 Essay Entry #9: So You Want to Enroll in a Review Center, huh?


So You Want to Enroll in a Review Center, huh?

by Paolo Miguel Bartolo


Summer is fast approaching. For many, it is a time of freedom; a well-deserved break from the bewildering conundrum that is high school. Yet for students aiming to pass the upcoming University of the Philippines College Admission Exam, popularly known as the UPCAT, summer is a time of self-development, of training and preparation. There are many ways of preparing for the UPCAT, and one of them is by enrolling in a good review center. Many students pick this path of preparation, but with a plethora of review and tutorial centers to choose from, one can get easily confused as to where to invest their hard-earned cash. Fortunately, there are some factors that can help you choose a review center that meets your needs and even surpasses them.

By the way, the most important thing to remember is that you should use your intelligence and reason in making this decision. Don’t just rely on what their brochure says. Advertisements usually show only the positive aspects of a review center. To be able to judge accurately, you need a lot more information than that. Don’t hesitate to contact the review center directly. Think critically. You need to know exactly what the review center has to offer, as well as its limitations.

Don’t rely too much on recommendations by friends. Different review centers satisfy different individuals, and what may have been effective for some might be inadequate for others. Instead, ask previous participants about their experience inside the review center, being careful to adjust for any biased opinions, then make the decision yourself.

Consider how the review center conducts their review. A good review center should offer a reasonable schedule, one that is not time-consuming yet still offers ample time for studying. Review sessions should be conducted by competent teachers who are both efficient and sociable. Teachers, aside from being knowledgeable, should also know how to relate and communicate well with their students. If possible, inquire about the review sessions and classes themselves. Small to medium class sizes are preferable since individual concerns can be more easily addressed by the teacher, although class size in general is just a small factor in analysing the effectiveness of a review center. Ideally, quizzes should also be given before and after the session starts in order to help the students remember more of their lessons.

Aside from review sessions, a good review center should also offer diagnostic and simulated exams. A diagnostic exam is a valuable tool in assessing your strengths and weaknesses. Then you will be able to focus more on those subjects that you find difficult or challenging. A simulated exam, on the other hand, tries to imitate actual exam conditions. Complete with time constraints similar to those used in the UPCAT, it is a good way of experiencing how an actual college entrance exam feels like. If given at the end of the review program, they can also be a way to gauge the amount of knowledge you have gained during your reviews. Refresher courses, usually held shortly before the actual examinations, can also be useful in helping you remember all the things you learned during your reviews.

Most review centers will advertise the percentage or number of their students that passed the UPCAT. Don’t rely too much on this piece of information. There are just too many factors involved that can affect their passing rate. Instead, rely more on what the review center can actually give you. Does it cover the subjects relevant to the UPCAT? Does it offer a fun yet challenging learning experience?

Finally, consider the venue and pricing. A review center needs resources in order to be able to provide a high-quality review program, yet you must remember that high prices don’t guarantee effectiveness. Pick a reasonably priced review center. Preferably, try to minimize the distance that you need to travel by picking a review center that is close to where you live. Balance your need to pick the best review center with your need to pick the most convenient review center.

A good review center can help you reach your dream of passing the UPCAT and entering one of the most prestigious colleges in the country, but remember that it is not enough. A student also needs skill, passion, and determination in order to obtain what all test takers of the UPCAT dream of: success.