UP Waitlist/Reconsideration Process

By: Dewmaine Sales-Ladaga

Lulubusin ko na :)  Pati recon at waitlist, post ko na.

Like what is stated on the UPCAT results web pages, here’s what you need to do if your name is NOT on the passers list:


If you do not qualify to any of your campus choices, you have several options:

FIRST : You can try other UP campuses if:
1. your rating is within their posted cut-off, and
2. they still have available slots.

Present your Non-Qualifier’s Slip (which will be sent to you in the mail and which will indicate your admission rating) to the Registrar’s Office of the campus you want to enter. However, there is no guarantee of acceptance as each campus makes its own decisions according to its own criteria.

SECOND : If no UP campus can accommodate you, you can enroll in a college or university other than UP. After earning 33 academic units with a weighted average of 2.00 or better on the UP marking system, you can apply for transfer into a UP campus. Again, each campus has its own rules on transfer and accepts only a limited number of transfer students. Information regarding transfer to UP may be obtained from the Office of the University Registrar of the respective UP campuses.

Let’s focus on the FIRST scenario.  So what are the cut-offs of the UP campuses? Using a scale of 1.000-5.000,  with 1.000 being the highest and 5.000 being the lowest, here they are:

UP Diliman: 2.2 (no waitlist/recon)
UP Manila: 2.285 – 2.5
UP Baguio: 2.659 – 2.574
UP Tacloban: 2.7 – 2.7
UP Cebu: 2.7 – 2.7
UP Iloilo: 2.7 – 2.7
UP Mindanao: 2.75 – 2.75
UP Los Banos: 2.42 – 2.8


The number on the left is the cut-off basis of the UPCAT passers list, while the number on the right (the one after the hyphen) is the maximum cut-off for waitlist/reconsideration.  Example:  If you got a UPG of 2.3, you probably did not make it to UP Manila (based on the UPCAT passers list) BUT you may apply for waitlist/recon in UP Manila, because your UPG is qualified for recon/waitlist.  But if your UPG is 2.510, you won’t have any chance of getting into UP Manila.

Aside from the cut-off scores, there’s also a chance that each course has required grades per subtest (remember the subtests?  Reading Comprehension, Language Proficiency, Mathematics, and Science).  In fact, that’s the style in UPLB.  Below is a jpeg file I made from what UPLB posted last year.  I repeat, these are the per course subtest cutoff grades of UPLB for the 1st semester Academic Year 2011-2012 (this applied to those who took the UPCAT in 2010).  Needless to say, this may adjust for you who wish to enter UPLB in the 1st semester of Academic Year 2012-2013 (or those who took the UPCAT in 2011).  This may be updated in mid-February.

uplb waitlist grade requirements for 1st sem AY 2011-12

I’ve also taken the liberty of making a jpeg file of the UPLB Waitlist Flow Chart.  I believe the waitlist/recon styles of other campuses are similar.

uplb waitlist flowchart for 1st sem AY 2011-2012

Again, this was last year’s Waitlist Flowchart.  But I guess it will be pretty much the same for this year, save for the dates of course (puro 2011 eh!)  Please notice that, for UPLB, aside from the UPG cut-off and subtests scores requirement,  ONLY THOSE WHO INDICATED UP LOS BANOS ON THEIR UPCAT APPLICATION FORMS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR UPLB RECON.  So if on your application form your 1st choice was UP Diliman and 2nd choice was UP Manila and failed to make the cut in both, you can’t apply in UPLB’s waitlist/recon.

And here by the way was last year’s UPLB Waitlist Form, which I think will also be applicable for AY 2012-2013

So there, I hope you have an idea of how waitlist/recon is done.  If you notice, choosing UPLB will give you a huge advantage because it is (or was…malay natin magbago) the most lenient when it comes to waitlist/recon–it has the lowest cutoff grade despite having a high cutoff for official UPCAT passers.  Also, it offers various course choices…when it comes to the number of possible courses, it comes next to Diliman.  Speaking of Diliman, choosing it as one of your choice campuses is really a big risk–talagang No Recon or Waitlist.  So if you don’t get into it, no chance of ever getting into it.  I think UPLB’s I’ll-only-consider-you-if-you-considered-me-in-your-application-form mantra may hold true for other campuses as well–that they’ll only consider accepting you in their waitlist IF you put them on your application form (but to be sure, please call these campuses first!  I’m just guessing here).  Whereas Diliman, on the other hand, doesn’t care.  Basted kung basted, bawal nang manligaw uli.  So future UPCAT takers, before you take the plunge and put UP Diliman in your choices, think very, very, very hard.

Hope I helped.  If you have more questions, just post them on the comments section.  I promise to answer as soon as I can.