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I.    Who are eligible to join

This contest is open to all incoming senior high school students (or equivalent) who are17 years old and below.

II.    Theme/Topic

Contestants must write an essay that revolves on this topic: How I plan to conquer the UPCAT / My UPCAT Master Plan.  Contestants must give his or her essay a unique title.  Essays may be written in English or Tagalog.  There are no maximum or minimum number of words.

III. How to Join:

Eligible contestants must:

1.      Become a fan of Academic Clinic ( and Brain Train Review Center ( on Facebook.

2.      Contestants who follow Brain Train on Twitter (@bra1n_tra1n) get plus points as Brain Train’s Choice.

3.      Contestants who post “Joining @Brain Train Review Center and @Academic Clinic’s FREE UPCAT Review Contest!” get plus points as Brain Train’s Choice.

4.      Contestant must email his or her entry to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. during the entry-submission period.   Entries will be forwarded to Brain Train, after which they will appear at the Brain Train Review and Tutorials website (

5.      Contestant must promote his or her entry. Facebook “Likes” may start accruing right after submission – so the sooner one submits an entry, the more time he or she has of collecting “Likes.”


IV.  Winner Selection and Prizes

There will be three winners:

One (1) winner is People’s Choice – the entry with the greatest number of “Likes”

One (1) winner is Academic-Clinic’s Choice – the entry chosen by Academic-Clinic

One (1) winner is Brain Train’s Choice – the entry chosen by Brain Train


Each of these three winners get a FREE UPCAT Review*± at any one of the following Brain Train UPCAT Review venues:

§  Los Banos, Laguna

§  Greenfield, Sta. Rosa City, and

§  New England College, Quezon City


* If winner wants to avail of his/her prize at a venue other than those specified above, he or she MUST pay a minimal fee of P1,600.00 to cover review venue costs.

± If a winner turns out to be already enrolled in the Brain Train UPCAT Review Program, then his or her registration fee will be refunded – provided that P1,600 will be deducted from the refunded amount if the student is enrolled in a venue other than the venues specified above.


Prizes are non-convertible to cash and non-transferable.


V.     Claiming of Prizes

  1. will announce the 3 winners at as well as in the Fan Page on April 22, 2012. We will also email the winners.
  2. Winners must then coordinate with Brain Train Review and Tutorials ASAP to claim their prize. Winners must not hesitate to contact if they need help coordinating with Brain Train Review and Tutorials.
  3. Prizes not claimed until April 30, 2012 will be voided.


Download MECHANICS in PDF here: BRAIN TRAIN FREE UPCAT Review Essay Contest Mechanics

Download REGISTRATION FORM here: BRAIN TRAIN FREE UPCAT Review Essay Contest Registration Form