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UPCAT: A Dream or a Nightmare (Essay Entry #1)

UPCAT: A Dream or a Nightmare

by Drexie Nival


“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”

            Upon entering the world of high school, I was constantly hearing about University of the Philippines College Admission Test or UPCAT. But in my first two years as a student, I was not that anxious about it until the middle of junior high when most of us started talking about college entrance exams that we will be taking in a few months time. I’ve been preparing my self for these exams since then because I believe that having a ”master plan” to surmount UPCAT is a good start for greater result.

            Having a background about the test is the most important thing to do as the first step of the master plan. Surfing the internet would be a great help in looking for online reviews, tips, ideas about the coverage of the test and as well as the requirements the university is expecting from an applicant. Once I knew how inimitable UPCAT is because of its checking formula—a fourth  of a point will be deducted for every wrong answer you have, I felt a bit tense and began hesitating to use my guessing strategy or not. But when I read about a tip on guessing answers on the academic clinic, I learned that this would not be a hindrance and should not make us back off. Learning this tip and many others from the internet will also help in conquering UPCAT.

            Seeking advice from seniors and other people who has knowledge of UPCAT is also a good step. Their personal experiences and instructions can help me in forming effective strategies to stand under the pressure of UPCAT. As soon as I heard some of their experiences, I had a better idea on how to face the test.

            Doing well in high school is I think the heart of the master plan. Come to think of it, if a student did not study diligently in high school, and he encounters a test like UPCAT? Can he rely on the stock knowledge he has? Unless he is really intelligent or genius, this can’t assure his success in the admission test. It’s really hard to take a particular test if we did not study about it. Besides, the university will also depend on our high school grades as a basis for our acceptance or rejection apart from UPCAT performance.

            As I was writing this essay, I’ve come to assess all that I have learned at studied so far, which subjects I still need to work on and review. Taking online review will also give me an idea on the type of questions I can expect on the admission test.

            In addition to the above mentioned strategies, I am also looking for other review materials and hand outs that I can browse and read during summer, I’m also thinking of enrolling in a review center that will greatly help me brushing up lessons from the past and I will be consulting the academic clinic about this.

            Lastly, apart from all these strategies of mine, I will never forget to depend on God. I’ll ask Him to guide me and give me enough wisdom and time to prepare for this exam and I’ll continue praying to Him for my success in this test because I believe that He’s the only one I can hold on to when everything seems unsure.

            As what they say, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail. ” It pays to plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark. Having a master plan that we can follow is a good shot in preparing for UPCAT. It depends on our plan and of course God if UPCAT will be a dream or a nightmare for us. 


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