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It’s a Do or Die Situation Here! (Essay Entry #8)

It’s a Do or Die Situation Here!

by Alex Lehman Idia


The nerve-wrecking and toughest entrance test is getting closer, making third year students nervous and some, a lot happier. Remembering what my brother told me, “There are only two Universities existing, U.P. and others.” There’s just this kind of feeling that makes you feel honored and proud. Maybe it’s the “yabang” essence. Who wouldn’t be?  U.P., our country’s most prestigious and premier State University.

(Haven’t heard of it, you must be living under a rock!)

As the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test) gets closer, there are a lot of things to put in mind. Am I prepared?

There are times I hear rumors about me not passing the UPCAT. To tell you the truth, I’m not in the honor roll. But who knows? I may pass the UPCAT by preparing myself for it. I’m aware that inside U.P. is a sea of different types and kinds of minds of honor students. Time will come that it’ll be for me.

Being a third year student, I’m still considering what course to take up. Summer has just arrived and it’s time for reviewing. While others are having fun taking their vacation, I’m stuck here at our home, sweet home. Some of the students are enrolling for review programs, increasing their chances in passing the UPCAT. Some are just self reviewing.

I sat down at a corner and analyzed it. We’re like nearly broke and my parents can’t afford a summer program for me. My hopes and dreams are in jeopardy. Self review isn’t enough for me. I’m not a hundred percent sure that I’ll understand the topic alone. Good thing I found out this essay writing contest of Brain Train, hoping that I would be picked. I’m not that kind of student that joins essay writing contests, competing with other schools. I’m not even a part of our school paper! It’s really a do or die situation here. But it’s worth a try! Still, my parents are not so sure a bout it, knowing that the review venue is at Laguna. But I have deep faith in God.

My brother wrote an open letter about me choosing my college, last July 30, 2011. After reading it, tears rolled down on my cheeks. He also included the hidden secrets why U.P.’s tuition nowadays is competing with those in the Ateneo, and other private and other State Universities. (You may view it here

Anyway, win or loose, writing this essay is for me to have an experience.

The plan is if I win this contest, I won’t let this chance go away.



There are a lot of ways.

 It’s time to step up. But if I didn’t have the chance to be picked, I’ll just be self reviewing this summer and wait for the free one when school starts that will be conducted in our school by UP Subol Society Diliman Chapter.

And I guess I’ll just buy some comprehensive modules and reviewers for me to answer. I’m also planning that I’d go to our municipal library for some research about facts and stuff that I need to know.

The internet would also be a great help for searching some strategies and facts about taking the UPCAT smoothly.

I already started looking for my old notes at school and other stuff that I’ll need for reviewing. Lucky me, I found them! My Biology and other science notes is still complete, Algebra (for the record, we’re not best friends) still complete, English (my favorite) ready, Hope? Got a lot of it!

When school starts again, I would probably ask my teachers some lessons that I didn’t understood while self reviewing.

If I’ll make it to the U.P., my brother will be damn proud. But that doesn’t matter now.

Even if I don’t pass the UPCAT, I know that God has a different plan for my life. So I trust all this in the name of our Father.



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