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Beating UPCAT is a must!!!! (Essay Entry #9)


Beating UPCAT is a must!!!!

by Algem Cris Crusis


University of the Philippines is one of the most prestigious universities of our country where the students are the best, the brightest and the bravest; as what Sen. Miriam Defensor on her speech. Many satisfactory achievements we’ve heard about UP making it the top choice of the most graduating high school students and I’m one of them. However, an annual of 70,000 students trying to attempt a slot, only 10,000 make it through. A hard competition, isn’t it? It is because of the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test), a highly competitive entrance test of the UP. But is there any way to beat UPCAT? Of course, there is as the old saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way. All you must need is a spare of determination, a higher IQ, a background of the UPCAT, tools which are your review materials and a healthy lifestyle.

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, hard work and determination. The latter implies a decision for us to settle a purpose which is to beat UPCAT.If you have this driving force, you must develop and possess the right attitude, discipline, courage, perseverance, confidence and faith. Self- determination would really help you up for passing UPCAT by motivating yourself to acquire such behaviors and skills to compete and think!

A scientific myth suggested that I.Q. is something related to genetic and can’t be improved upon. On the other hand, this myth was already proven wrong. Various studies conducted by scientists and neuropsychologists bring in significant results in developing one’s I.Q. through writing your thoughts, reading, watching fictions, solving puzzles, debating, and teaching. To meliorate your I.Q. which involves your critical and logical thinking, you must do these exercises but in a single-go and this would be a definite plus to beat UPCAT.

A background of UPCAT must be a prioritize of any student aspiring to be an “Iskolar ng Bayan” to have guidelines on what to be done to pass UPCAT which is a requirement for admitting in any universities of the Philippines. This five hour entrance test is time pressured covering language proficiency, reading comprehension, science and mathematics. But don’t think immediately about complex topics and problems. Always start with the basic concepts and think of possible questions which are easy yet difficult to understand. Your slot in UP is based from your UPG (University Predicted Grade) coming from the 60% of your exam score and 40% from your high school grade since first year to third year. Another factor affecting your UPG is the “pabigat” and “palugit”. These considerations are something to do with your social status and choosing your campus.

After knowing the science of UPCAT and attained determination, back up with a highI.Q..We must now prepare ourselves ahead before the examination day through reviewing high school subjects which are included in UPCAT. In choosing review materials specially a book; the answer key must have solutions or explanations, authored by UP staff or certified professors and contain questions which are challenging to answer. Review materials are not only in the form of books; it can also be a flashcards, puzzles or chart consists of formulas, tables, anatomical and system diagrams which are easy to familiarize when reviewed always. Sometimes, we get stuck in a question; the best thing to do is to proceed to the easy ones. You will take too much time to think about it. As soon as you finish reading both the question and explanation for many times, still don’t get how was it all about and how to get it. You may wish to ask your teacher or classmates who are really good at it and why not use our modern technology we have right now specially computers for surfing. In reviewing we learned many things and knowing the fact that human brain stores all the information and experiences of an individual yet some of these are easily forgotten. All we need to do is to always update ourselves, follow-up the topics and do some write ups. A sure way to beat UPCAT!

All the above mention entities will not be possible if you don’t have a good health. You must be conscious about it because the best thing in life is not wealth but health as what others always said. To keep you healthy have a balanced diet, daily exercise, proper hygiene, avoid too much stress, manage your time and an 8-10 hours of sleep. Don’t ever attempt to study till midnight; it’s a forbidden practice to pass any entrance test. Keeping you track with your health, why not try the “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.  Always inculcate in your mind that good health is the best foundation to do such work and store energy until such time we would use this to beat UPCAT!

Now, are you ready to beat UPCAT!? Of course, you are. Whatever bothers you, take it away. Have the guts and be aspired to beat and conquer UPCAT. Be the one of the 10,000 students! Go and strive for it! God bless us!



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