UPCAT – Just a dream? (Essay Entry #13)

UPCAT – Just a dream?

by Christian Rey Notario

I can summarize the UPCAT only in 3 words – Easy, Witty, Deadly. If you’re affected by the word deadly, you and I are maybe sharing the same dilemma.


             As the name itself is implying, the UPCAT or the University of the Philippines College Admission Test is the main way of entering UP.  With more than 70 000 takers where only about 10 000 students pass, it is considered to be the hardest entrance exam to pass despite the fact that the test according to previous takers even those who are now  in other universities say that it’s just easy. You read it right; the UPCAT is the easiest in terms of test difficulty compared to its contemporaries. The only hard part here or “deadly” is the passing into a campus and to a course of the taker’s choice eventually. The way to overcome this is to beat some 69 999 other students UPG or score. It may be hard but this is what I’m going to do – Beat them!!!

                The UPCAT is witty.  The test itself is full of witty problems that may make us think really hard to the point that we cannot anymore think of an answer.  One reason is because, we may know the concept of the problem, but we do not know how to tackle the problem or question that the witty UPCAT had prepared for us.  To overcome this, I will enrol in a review center especially those who are offering UPCAT Taking Tips so that I too will have strategies in answering a question. This review center will also be a great help to review my past lessons especially those that I have already forgotten.

                One more thing that can help me beat others is that I constantly browse about UPCAT in websites such as in Academic Clinic and PinoyExchange.  In fact, I’ve already been a member in Pex(pinoyexchange) for already 1 yr. That means I already have an advantage compared to others in terms of information about UPCAT.  Not just in information but also in test preparation and management.

                My grades during my first three years in High School would also be of help as they will constitute 40% of my UPG (that’s already big, good thing that I’ve been a consistent honor student so it would be a big advantage).

                Lastly, like many others, my dream school is UP. I will do my best to do well in the UPCAT and a few months more and this dream would not be a dream anymore, for it will be a reality. A reality that will make me stood out among thousands of Filipinos. A dream come true. 



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