Bright View (Essay Entry #14)


Bright View
by Patricia Ysabel D. Tabian
            Have you ever wondered why most people would rather post a photograph that was shot using a high-end single-lens reflex camera than a picture captured by an ordinary digital camera in Facebook? It is the run-of-the-mill belief of everybody to have an urge for the best. That is why it did not come as a surprise that I was after becoming a student of the University of the Philippines.
In a photographer’s shoes, he would do anything just to seize that magnificent image of an exceptional view. If it demands from him a better camera, he will figure out more than one way of having that. He will climb mountains and trees and go under tunnels just to get that transcendent angle of the scene. He will get that perfect photo, whatever it takes. And that is how I steer my course to subdue the UPCAT: to commit to hand in the best of what I am capable of doing for the dream of investing in the best.
Joining a review center that has impressive results like the Brain Train is a start. Attending camps like the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs (PSYSC) would also serve as a great help, especially with the sessions and activities happening in the said camp. But I should not limit myself with just review centers and camps. If I want to make the cut, I must engage myself with the dream. Making a Pie Chart of my priorities is a gigantic help in analyzing what should come first in my schedule---is it having fun under the sun, or reading a few chapters from my Math book to get a head start for the UPCAT?
            The University of the Philippines, itself, shall serve as one of the few great things that will keep me moving. It would not bet the name of my country for nothing. Aside from its remarkable academic features, the university welcomes individuality. Thus, preparing her students for the different societies there are in life beyond the gates of school.
            This dream, passing UPCAT, is a big and scary challenge. But it is not impossible. I am ready to give it my best shot. To conquer UPCAT, I have to give my best, for the best. 


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