UPCAT is a Great Memento (Essay Entry #15)

UPCAT is a Great Memento

by Mary Kate Nicole Alibarbar 

As a typical teenager, I don’t believe in superstitious beliefs. But someone told me that I would not pass the UPCAT exam because I had a picture captured beside the oblation. In light of this, he’s just kidding and definitely pulling my leg. But I found myself wondering and made me look at the matter from a different point of view. Curiosity enlightened my mind. I said to myself that there’s really nothing to be scared about, all I need is to become studious.

College is approaching. But I really don’t have any idea of what course I should take. All I want is to fulfill my dream. I want to pass the UPCAT exam. Fortunately, God gave me a huge opportunity like this. Passing the UPCAT exam is very elusive and difficult task. Although applicant strives hard to attain it, I believe that I can achieve it.That’s why these past few days, I use my time reading a variety of books.

Here are my plans for UPCAT. First and foremost, I need to recall some mathemetic equations, biology and chemistry concepts,vocabulary and grammar,different kinds of reasoning, etc. My prior knowledge will also help me to broaden my mind.My classmates and I have an agreement. Our primary conceit is to convince our teachers to have a special class during Saturday.I agree with the plan knowing that lack of money, is a problem that extant in few of us.

Education is an investment. It is normal to invest money,time and knowledge.Our teachers are hectic during schooldays. This vacation,it’s their time to rest. So, we decided to adjust our plan by the early month of June.

I still recall when I joined Sulat and Sipat Activity last February.Before the day of the contest, we strolled the whole campus of UPLB. Some of the students looked mysterious. I can’t explain why. I only felt inspired. Since then, I wanted to live that same escapade.My experiences brought a lot of differences.

Last month I was surprised when I received the link of Free UPCAT Review from Brain Train And Academic clinic. My first reaction was,Wow! It’s a big boon. This is it. That’s why I wrote this essay. I hope my effort is enough. Eighty percent of hardship and twenty percent luck. I appreciate this blessing.

Win or lose this contest is an emmense memento for me.


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