2013 Essay Entry #4: From Mediocrity to Excellence

From Mediocrity to Excellence

by Bobby Sotelo



Preparation for UPCAT is very much critical. It is not a normal examination like that of the quarterly tests done in school since your future as a college student lies in your scores in the test. It requires one to burn the midnight oil so the admission to school like UP will be more of reality than dream. As a junior student hoping to study in this premiere university, should you think of having an ideal review center for as early as now?Let us say that self-review can do however with a tutorial center, you can guarantee a sure spot in the seats of a freshman UP student. Therefore your fortune to be in UP depends between you and the review center you are about to patronize.

            There are many review centers in the country but only a few gives excellent services. Naturally when asked about the best review center, one would say that theirs is better than the other. But what really an ideal review center is? What are the things we need to consider in choosing a review center so we can ace the test?

            When talking about UPCAT review centers, most parents will begin to ask questions like “How much is the payment, son?” or “Aren’t there any other center which offers lesser payment?” It is a big concern for the parents to take into account the financial needs when planning to send their child in an UPCAT review or even the child himself decides to undergo such review. Of course no parent wants to spend money for nothing. So they would most likely look for review centers which tender good servicefrom review materials to seminarsbut which expenses are not too high. Review centers giving discounts and free review slots through competitions are also good deals. Such things would mean a lot only if behind those discounts and free slots is a considerable review center.

            Another thing one must bear in mindis the kind of instructor a review center has.In fact, it is in thehands of the instructors the certainty of understanding and learning by the students. They hold the chance of the students to pass the UP entrance exam only because they are the ones who constantly feed the mind of the students with information that would help them succeed and eventually be in admission. So it would be better to seekfor review centers whose instructors ensure intellectual competence among students and integrate discipline throughout the review program. And when it comes into discussions, the instructor should sound logical with concepts explained in details. One vital part of being an instructor is the effectiveness of teaching. An instructor is effective if he can inspire and influence students through expert and referent power but never coercive power.In that way, motivation and interest arouses in the students and a strong mutual relationship is built between them and the instructors. It is a good indication then that the review center is ideal because of the professional instructors it has.

            Suppose a review center only had that good amount and the best possible instructor, it is not deemed perfect if it lacks this plus point: organized, comprehensive and structured review materials,including seminars.

The availability of original reviewers and exam modules is an indication of a systematic review program. Good exam modules are those which include detailed solutions and explanations, not to mention the degree of precision and correctness of test questions. In reviewers it is important that the scope encompasses all subjects covered in UPCATincluding the essay-writing so the students are set to good preparation. But ideal review centers not just involve relevant discussion of the subjects but also college seminars which would help incoming college freshmen in choosingthe profession that fits them. These may give them realization on the course to take for college based on their strengths, inclinations and interests. Moreover in a good review program, monitoring your development and chances of passing the UPCAT are done through diagnostic and simulation exams. The first tells how much work needs to be done. The latter gives you your final UPCAT predicted grade and the measure on how effective the review center is. So it is beneficial if a review center complies with this criterion. Take note that simulation exams are comparatively harder than diagnostic exams.

Presented above are three main points when searching for the right review and tutorial center. In some instances, students may consider the number of sessions or days of review. This is directly proportional with how much information a student gets in one day but it still depends on the teacher and of course the student himself. No matter how long the preparation is if the review program is not worth it then your time is only wasted.

Summer vacation is here again. You’re almost done with the three years of stay in high school. One more year and you’ll be sent into university. Seven or maybe eight months from now, UP will initiate its entrance exam for a new batch of aspiring scholars.Are you enthusiastic about this? If yes, then look for the review center whichsatisfies your list of standards. It is necessary to set your expectations once you begin to plan of having a review center. It will help you filter centers which are ineffectiveand unconvincing, which when unidentified may lead to frustration and hopelessness.