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UPCAT: A Dream or a Nightmare (Essay Entry #1)

UPCAT: A Dream or a Nightmare

by Drexie Nival


“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”

            Upon entering the world of high school, I was constantly hearing about University of the Philippines College Admission Test or UPCAT. But in my first two years as a student, I was not that anxious about it until the middle of junior high when most of us started talking about college entrance exams that we will be taking in a few months time. I’ve been preparing my self for these exams since then because I believe that having a ”master plan” to surmount UPCAT is a good start for greater result.

            Having a background about the test is the most important thing to do as the first step of the master plan. Surfing the internet would be a great help in looking for online reviews, tips, ideas about the coverage of the test and as well as the requirements the university is expecting from an applicant. Once I knew how inimitable UPCAT is because of its checking formula—a fourth  of a point will be deducted for every wrong answer you have, I felt a bit tense and began hesitating to use my guessing strategy or not. But when I read about a tip on guessing answers on the academic clinic, I learned that this would not be a hindrance and should not make us back off. Learning this tip and many others from the internet will also help in conquering UPCAT.

            Seeking advice from seniors and other people who has knowledge of UPCAT is also a good step. Their personal experiences and instructions can help me in forming effective strategies to stand under the pressure of UPCAT. As soon as I heard some of their experiences, I had a better idea on how to face the test.

            Doing well in high school is I think the heart of the master plan. Come to think of it, if a student did not study diligently in high school, and he encounters a test like UPCAT? Can he rely on the stock knowledge he has? Unless he is really intelligent or genius, this can’t assure his success in the admission test. It’s really hard to take a particular test if we did not study about it. Besides, the university will also depend on our high school grades as a basis for our acceptance or rejection apart from UPCAT performance.

            As I was writing this essay, I’ve come to assess all that I have learned at studied so far, which subjects I still need to work on and review. Taking online review will also give me an idea on the type of questions I can expect on the admission test.

            In addition to the above mentioned strategies, I am also looking for other review materials and hand outs that I can browse and read during summer, I’m also thinking of enrolling in a review center that will greatly help me brushing up lessons from the past and I will be consulting the academic clinic about this.

            Lastly, apart from all these strategies of mine, I will never forget to depend on God. I’ll ask Him to guide me and give me enough wisdom and time to prepare for this exam and I’ll continue praying to Him for my success in this test because I believe that He’s the only one I can hold on to when everything seems unsure.

            As what they say, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail. ” It pays to plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark. Having a master plan that we can follow is a good shot in preparing for UPCAT. It depends on our plan and of course God if UPCAT will be a dream or a nightmare for us. 


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I.    Who are eligible to join

This contest is open to all incoming senior high school students (or equivalent) who are17 years old and below.

II.    Theme/Topic

Contestants must write an essay that revolves on this topic: How I plan to conquer the UPCAT / My UPCAT Master Plan.  Contestants must give his or her essay a unique title.  Essays may be written in English or Tagalog.  There are no maximum or minimum number of words.

III. How to Join:

Eligible contestants must:

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5.      Contestant must promote his or her entry. Facebook “Likes” may start accruing right after submission – so the sooner one submits an entry, the more time he or she has of collecting “Likes.”


IV.  Winner Selection and Prizes

There will be three winners:

One (1) winner is People’s Choice – the entry with the greatest number of “Likes”

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One (1) winner is Brain Train’s Choice – the entry chosen by Brain Train


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Prizes are non-convertible to cash and non-transferable.


V.     Claiming of Prizes

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Essay Topic: How I plan to conquer the UPCAT / My UPCAT Master Plan

Take note that this is the topic around which your essay must revolve.  However, we expect you to give your masterpiece a unique title.

Submission of Entries: March 24, 2012 – April 14, 2012 (10:00pm)

Voting Period: From date of submission until April 21, 2012 (10:00pm)

Announcement of Winners: April 22, 2012

Winner Selection Mechanics:

1 winner is People’s Choice – the entry with the greatest number of “Likes”

1 winner is Academic-Clinic’s Choice – the entry chosen by Academic-Clinic

1 winner is Brain Train’s Choice – the entry chosen by Brain Train

The Prize:

FREE UPCAT Review*± at any one of the following Brain Train UPCAT Review venues:

Los Banos, Laguna

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* If winner wants to avail of his/her prize at a venue other than those specified above, he or she MUST pay a minimal fee of P1,600.00 to cover review venue costs.

± If a winner turns out to be already enrolled in the Brain Train UPCAT Review Program, then his or her registration fee will be refunded – provided that P1,600 will be deducted from the refunded amount if the student is enrolled in a venue other than the venues specified above.



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Sendyour entry to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. during the entry-submission period.  We will forward all entries to Brain Train, after which they will appear at the Brain Train Review and Tutorials website.

Contestant must promote his or her entry.  Facebook “Likes” may start accruing right after submission – so the sooner one submits an entry, the more time he or she has of collecting “Likes.” will announce the 3 winners at as well as in the Fan Page on April 22, 2012.  We will also email the winners.

Winners must then coordinate with Brain Train Review and Tutorials to claim their prize. Winners must not hesitate to contact if they need help coordinating with Brain Train Review and Tutorials.

Important Notes:

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For the huge, yellow tarp: BRAIN TRAIN’s 2012 UPCAT Passers List

By Dewmaine Sales-Ladaga

For more than a decade now, BRAIN TRAIN Tutorial and Review regularly publicizes its list of UPCAT passers.  The names of UPCAT passers are placed on a huge, yellow tarpaulin and posted in every BRAIN TRAIN review venue.  What was supposed to be just an advertisement turned out to be a tourist spot!  We’ve seen several BRAIN TRAIN UPCAT passers posing beside this huge yellow tarpaulin, and even making it their profile pic on Facebook!  Sometimes, motorists even stop and stare at the list, looking for a familiar name.  Apparently, we didn’t expect that seeing their child’s name on this yellow tarp means so much to parents.  In fact, about 2-3 years ago, a father called us asking why her Brain Trainee daughter who passed UP Diliman wasn’t on the tarp.  We apologized for the oversight, but he insisted we put her daughter’s name on the tarp…dream daw nilang makita yung name ng anak nila sa yellow tarp na yun (mas importante pa sa website ng UPCAT, haha)!  So we did on the tarp that is in their municipality.  After a week, we received another call again…bakit daw wala sa tarp na nasa Calamba!  Nung dumaan daw siya, hinanap niya dun!  Haha.  We were amused, even flattered that the BRAIN TRAIN yellow tarp is a HUGE deal.  My mom told me that it indeed is a HUGE deal, and that we SHOULD add the name.  At that time, Randy and I still do not have our Raviv, so I guess we weren’t that sensitive to parents’ feelings.

BRAIN TRAIN Family (wala ako!) against the 2011 Yellow Tarpaulin

When the 2012 UPCAT results were released last week, we received so many “thank-you” comments on Facebook., and even “thank-you” phone calls.  One parent I talked to (barely 24 hours after the release of the UPCAT results) told me that she can’t help calling us and dropping a word of gratitude.

Mother of Brain Train UPCAT passer:  ”May tarp na ba kayo ng passers sa may Real (Calamba City)?  Dadaan dun mamaya ‘yung mga kamag-anak ko, sabi ko tingnan”.

Me: (smiling) “Wala pa po, uumpisahan pa lang po namin maghanap.”

Mother of Brain Train UPCAT passer: “Naku excited na ako makita ang pangalan ng anak ko.”

Me:  ”Ah mga next week po siguro.  Marami nga rin pong mag gusto nun, yung iba nga po nagrereklamo pag accidentally hindi namin naisasama yung name”

Mother of Brain Train UPCAT passer: “Ay s’yempre naman!  Kaya ilista mo na ang pangalan anak ko ha, baka hindi pa maisali.  Ang name niya ay ***********.  Make sure isali nyo ha?”

Me:  ”Opo Ma’am.  I-post na rin po niya sa Facebook ng Brain Train Review Center yung name niya para hindi mawala.”

Mother of Brain Train UPCAT passer: “O sige sasabihin ko.  Pero uulitin ko ang pangalan ng anak ko ha, ***********.  Don’t forget iha!”


Anyway, our staff gathered the names of the 2012 BRAIN TRAIN UPCAT passers.  Here they are.  Please check your/your friend’s/your child’s name, as this list will be the basis of THE tarpaulin.  If our staff missed it, please put the name on the comment section so we could include it.

From all your Brain Train teachers, a thunderous “CONGRATULATIONS” to all of you!  Thank you for getting that BRAIN TRAIN advantage!  Mwah!


* Aaron, Eunice * Abanil, Cristee Lou *Abat, Enrico Dominic * Abel, Rhea Jane * Abellon, Denisse * Abrenica, Kristine Mae * Abriam, Juzmend Francez Therese * Abuel, Kathryn * Acal, Ephraim Francis * Acedera, Shane Jarisse * Acero, Alain Paulo * Achacoso, Karla * Aclan, Stellah Grace * Acopiado, Oscar * Acueza, Era Denice * Ada, Judd Andrew * Adalin, Florence Roselle * Adan, Roanne * Aduana, Ma. Patrica Izabelle * Afunay, Abijoyce * Agbisit, Daniel Abraam * Aggabao, Aeblyn Joy * Aguilar, Krisha * Aguilon, Jianne Samantha Rae * Aguirre, Luis Salvador * Agumo, Elyza Mabel * Albano, Joselu * Albis, Florette * Albunag, Ira Mari * Alcantara, Christian Kim * Alcantara, John David * Alcantara, Verannie * Alcober, Catherine Lynn * Alconcel, Edwin Arjae * Aleman, Jonna Leisa * Alfafara, Nico Bryle * Alfonso, Christian Dominick * Algarne, Wilgem * Ali, Sittie Namraidah * Aligato, Albert Daniel * Almarines, Robert Louise * Almojano, Luigi Lursh * Alog, Attillah Mae * Alomia, Shiara May * Alonzo, Marie Anna Rose Nicole * Alvarez, Patricia * Amador, Dane Christian * Amar, Angelene Aries * Ambas, Chiara Fatima * Amboy, Romel * Ambrocio, Juan Enrico * Amoranto, Mia Beatriz * Anapi, Geriera * Angala, Beatriz Eula * Antolin, Myra Blesila * Apolinar, Jasmin * Amolo, Jessa Cloie * Apolinario, Justine Beatrice * Aquino, Jean Aristide * Aquino, Marry Jay * Aquino, Regina Coeli * Arabejo, Cyrille Marisse *Aranda, Mary Grace * Arcillas, Lizette Sahar * Arcos, Zyra Krizia * Areglado, Kirstin Portia * Arejola, Pauline Therese * Arellano, Beatriz * Arellano, Fatima Jenina * Arguelles, Menneth Anne * Arnoco, Arvil * Arroz, Alero Cary * Artificio, Kristel Diane * Asebido, Lyssa * Asido, John Carlo * Asilo, Kathrina Michaela * Atega, Abi Shag * Atienza, Norie Mae * Auste, Saomi * Austria, Florie Mae * Austria, Jon Raven * Austria, Rhanz Owen


* Bacani, Abigail * Bacera, Nikka * Bacud, Eva Salve * Bagon, Nicole Eileen * Bagyen, Maria Elizabeth * Bajaro, Dafrose Camille * Balabag, Gerlie * Balagot, Marela Aryan * Balauag, Ted Joshua * Balce, Mary Rose * Baldovino, Kairah Patrisse * Balilo, Rowelyn * Balomit, Jeanine Cloie * Balutan, Charlene * Baluyot, Abegail * Banatlao, Beah * Banawa, Kristine Ivy * Bandian, Yla Rizel * Bangayan, Jonathan Kevin *Bantinding, Fernan Joshua * Barbas, Mary Alicia * Barbosa, Jessa Marie * Baroja, Selah Marie * Barot, Justine Hiro * Barrameda, Hazel Joy * Barrameda, Martin Joel II * Basbacio, Rafaela Gale * Baticulon, John Paulo * Bato, Ryna Patricia * Bautista, Issela Santina * Bautista, Jazel Audry * Bautista, Joshua Beethoven * Bautista, Nina Julia * Bautista, Vince Marianne * Baydo, Kimberly * Baylen, Dustin * Baylon, Gieliane Marie * Baysa, Dhana May * Beato, Kristine Nicole * Bebis, Anthony * Bedia, Nicle Vynique * Belano, Jethro Ian *Belizario, Viktor Joshua * Bello, Anthony Kimo * Beltran, Ma. Angelica * Benavidez, Diana Ruth * Bermundo, Roxanne May * Bernal, Anton Leonardo * Bernaldo, Mandy Grace * Bernad, Michelle Andre * Bernardo, John Michael * Besinga, Ruhel Jon * Biado, Arman James *Bilog, Normita Shen * Boado, Kristina Abigail * Bondoc, Isaiah Rome * Bongabong, Joshua James * Bongon, Gelina Rose * Bonza, Johanne Roie * Borromeo, Elizabeth * Bravo, Alvin Jason * Bravo, Shereena * Briones, Allan Yves * Briones, Steffi * Britanico, Kathryn Therrissh * Bronzi, Martha Elizabeth * Bruno, Khriza Aurea *Buena, Catherine Grace * Buenavista, Elyka Genedine * Buladaco, Bernadette * Buhat, Bernadette * Bustos, Mara Segreid


* Caagbay, Christian Paul * Cabahug, Karlwen Christer * Caballero, Ara Dominique * Cabellon, Chique Lou * Cabillon, Camille Grace * Cabrera, Jessa * Cacalda, Fatima * Cada, Jillian Mei * Cadabuna, Ashley Fernan * Cadano, Patrick Poe *Cadsawan, Ariane * Cagampan, Mark Angelo * Caguicla, Carlyn Loselle * Cajigal, Chelsea * Calayag, Danielle Paola * Calderon, Khrista Lhey * Caldozo, Angelico * Calo, Regina Pauleen * Calpo, Marianne * Canayon, Alyssa Marie * Cantoja, Rikka Shane *Cao, Krisan Mikhaela * Canda, Shania Winona Tracey *Capanzana, Rose May Anne * Capio, Paolo Jay * Capistrano, Faye Dominique * Caponpon, Chernhelyn * Caponpon, Joanna Marie * Capuno, Nikko * Caraan, Vince Joel * Carada, Carl Earvin * Carag, Jemimah Mikhaela Faith * Caraga, Agatha Angela * Caranay, Mary Grace * Cardama, Christine Joy * Cariaso, Elaine * Cariño, Maria Ophelia * Cariquitan, Vea * Carlos, Ariel John * Carpio, Alyson * Carpio, Gideon * Cartabio, Threb Gabriel * Cartojano, Thea Danielle * Casco, Jillian Jovel Marie * Casin, Angelica * Castillo, Alyssa Marie * Castillo, Nicole Lyka * Castro, Jan Carlo * Castro, Karl Angelo * Castro, Queenie Rose * Catelo, Fellice Gabrielle * Catibog, Joanne Margareth * Caugma, Ma. Allyssa * Caumban, Patricia Elaine * Celerio, Pauline Jane * Cervantes, Czaika Kate Erica * Chan, Honey Rachelle * Chan, Zernon Ezra * Chua, Maria Concepcion Loren * Chua, Nicole Anjennette *Cimatu, Nina Victoria * Ciriaco, Rochelle Marie * Clariño, Mary Kristene * Co, Bethany Aise * Collado, Dianne Abigail * Conor, Steve Bernie * Cordero, Vivien Ysabel * Coronado, Ma. Ana * Corrales, Kathleen * Cortez, Cyril Josef * Cortez, Diness * Cortez, John David * Cosep, Merit Jean * Crisang, Shemuel * Crisologo, Kimberly Mae * Cruz, Philip Christopher * Cruzada, Charisse Julia * Cuenco, Zade * Cunanan, Diane * Cura, Patricia Micah * Curioso, Vaughn * Cuya, Irene Angela


* Dacillo, Prioncess Camille * Dalmacio, Aliya Luisa * Danao, Allou Gabriela * Danay, Angela Johanna * Darunday, Jan Keith * David, Dianna Rose * Dayto, Maetien * de Castro, Margarita Isabel * de Chavez, Lorenz Gerard * de Guzman, Brinna Jessah Nedda * de Guzman, Jennica Rose * de Guzman, Reinielle Marla * de Guzman, Rennie Beth * de Guzman, Vea Clarissa * de Jesus, Gilian Ysaac * de Leon, Mark Lorenz * de Lumban, Ma. Louisa * de Luna, Shane Nicole * de Silos, Paolo Yves * de Torres, Clarisa * de Vela, Patricia * Deculawan, Stephanie Kirsten * Defensor, Coleen Joyce * de Guzman, Samantha Ysabelle * del Barrio, Mary Anne * del Mundo, Maejoy Chrystle * del Rio, Angelieh Therese * del Rosario, Adrian Justin * del Rosario, Carl Anthony * dela Cruz, Colleen Carole * dela Cruz, Joanna Cez * dela Rosa, Michael Vincent * dela Torre, Vhanessa * Delariarte, Misha Louise * Delfin, Julienne * Desiderio, Joyvee Marie * Deocampo, Czarina Felice * Descalsota, Heidi * Dicto, Princess Joy * Dimoi, Vinzyl Clarise *Dio, Jesus III * Dingal, Maika Loise * Diola, Darice Nica * Dionora, Angelo Gabriel * Dizon, Karrol Mae * Doncillo, Pauline * Donguines, Abigail * Doroin, Dag Justin * Duazo, Jon Renel  * Dumo, Hazel Monique


* Eala, Ma. Isabelle Jillian * Ebora, Zeus Joseph * Ebron, Ezra Daniel * Ednave, Pamela Denise*  Edquila, Rhea Pamela * Edward, Kyle Harrieth * Elegado, Christopher Patrick * Elemos, Pia Angela * Embalsado, Martha Inna *Endaya, Jo-Christine * Enrile, Angeli Grace Cleofe * Enrile, Maria Pilar * Enriquez, Abegail Imee * Epanto, Fatimah * Escala, Chaldea May * Escandor, Ma. Cristina Ysabel * Escosia, Zhalom Amour * Esguerra, Claudine * Esguerra, Exekiel * Esmalde, Mira * Espera, Tristan Paul * Espiel, Abby Mae * Espinosa, Phillip John * Espinosa, Yna *Espiritu, Kaye Samantha * Estolano, Mel Jean * Estolloso, Karlo * Estorque, Jet Joshua Lenard * Estrada, Vince Alfred * Estrella, Carmela * Estrologo, Ellan Blue * Estuart, Andrea *Eugenio, Francheska Angelene * Evangelista, Christine Angelica *Evangelista, Jobel Mira * Evangelista, Reginald Jr.


* Fabrea, Fatima Faye * Facultad, Remina Amor * Fajardo, Arielle * Fajardo, Nicole Mae * Falcon, Fermella Emily * Famadico, Herzl * Fameronag, Lara * Feliciano, Renzo *Ferrera, Yanna Faye * Ferriol, Nissiel * Filio, Manelyn * Florendo, Maria Christella * Flores, Chessa *Flores, Luis Mario * Flores, Ynna * Floresca, Justine Gem * Formoso, Gabrielle * Francia, Veronica Sigrid * Franco, Ervin * Franco, Nikki Carina * Franco, Sharmaine * Fuego, Kristine Joy * Funtilon, Angela Kate


* Gabertan, Alyssa Joy * Gadiane, Patricia Marie * Gagpanan, Jose Carlo * Garcia, Aries Fernan * Garcia, Eunese Irish * Garcia, Ma. Karysa * Garibay, Tyron Jay * Gatmaitan, Monica Jacinta * Gaurano, Jose Alfonso Orestes * Gaytano, Geraleen Nicole * Generalao, Ian Nicole * Geneta, Michael  * Genoveso, Janine * Gepitulan, Sergia Virginia * Germita, Joshua Randolph * Gianan, Mary Gabrielle * Goco, Aldrich * Gonzales, Zeleeka * Gregorio, Maureen Agatha * Grona, Reinier John * Guevarra, Kathryn Jed * Guico, Rizelle Micah * Guilas, Ma. Kristina * Guillermo, Michelle * Guingguing, Vinace * Guinto, Kristian James * Guinto, Mary Shereen * Gurango, Stephen Paul * Gutierrez, James Arvin * Gutierrez, Mariel Charisse * Gutlay, Katherine


Handugan, Ancelle Reem * * Hemedes, Mary Rose * Herbon, Arron Lucius * Herbosa, Jonnel * Herman, Dyan Joyce * Hernandez, Auruella Kristin * Hernandez, Eduardo * Hernandez, Iesous Jireh * Hernandez, Shaira * Hernani, Jairah Sheila Joy * Herradura, Christine Joyce * Higuit, Franklin * Humarang, Annally


* Igharas, Alyssa Richelle * Igot, Ghia Danica * Ilag, Jude Angelo * Ilagan, John Eminence * Ilagan, Mia Frances * Ilagan, Katrina Marie * Imperial, Arjane Francia * Imus, John Errol * Inao, Nikko Joshua * Infante, Jellou Mae * Ingalla, Mark Clarence * Inojosa, John Emmanuel


* Jacinto, Claire Marie * Jala, Julius Cloyd * Jalandoni, Krystelle Vyem *Javier, John Karyl * Javier, Jonard Samuel * Javier, Joshua * Javilinar, Lenzer * Jose, Anna Patrisha * Juanico, Claire Daphne * Junsan, Kent Jhon * Juyad, Ian Gabriel *


* Kang, Soo Hyon * Katigbak, Jerome Isaac * Kosca, Kriza Mae


* Labagala, Lea Marie * Labesores, Elaine Joy * Lacanaria, Gelvi * Lacanaria, Sharmaine Felia * Lacanilao, Miguel Paulo * Ladaga, Rica Thea * Ladia, Primzen Rowena * Ladjahasan, Rei Joshua * Lagmay, Gayle * Lagunda, Ann Renzel * Lalap, Gianno Marco * Lalap, Michaela Joyce * Lamsen, Kimberly Anne * Langco, Nassifah * Laniba, Christine *Lara, Aubrey * Lasam, Anne Nicole * Lastico, Glyza * Latonio, Juan Paulo * Lauengco, Carlo Joshua * Laza, Raina Carlin * Lego, Karen Mae * Lescano, Roxanne * Lescano, Tricia Mae * Leybag, Anna Mikaela * Leyran, Lorraine Keeshia * Libiano, Maria Camille * Liboro, Katrina Mae * Lim, Clement Christian *Lim Suan, Medel Jr. * Limotin, Eloise * Linatoc, Christian * Llave, Christian * Lo, Jude Raphael * Logronio, Jonee Anne * Lontoc, Camil * Lopez, Daniellie Felice * Lopez, Jhamie * Lopez, Kristina Carla * Lopez, Marc Christian * Lopez, Maria Regina * Lorenzo, Zara Jhudiel * Lozada, Kent Edrian * Lu, Christi Nicole * Luardo, Trisha Marie * Lubuguin, Jan Carlos * Lucena, Dan Paul * Lucena, John Ronald * Lucena, Lyka Mae * Lucero, Danielle * Lucero, Vic Nelson * Lucido, Alvin Jacob * Lumauig, Vannessa Joy * Luna, Joseph Daniel * Luna, Kristin Alyssa * Lupig, Jeroyd Roz * Ly, Kimberly Ann


* Macagba, Jamila Aria * Macaraeg, Allen Paolo * Macawili, Edcel Jeremy * Macayana, Yves Lean Krishner * Maderazo, Sarah Mishael * Madiz, Camille Clare * Madrid, Kyle Angelo * Magayon, Jenina Mae * Magboo, John Paul * Maglinao, Gizelle * Magpantay, Eugene Clark * Magtagñob, Kim Oliver * Magtibay, Cassandra Felyz * Magtulis, Claudine Eunice * Malaguit, Alyssa Claire* Malicdem, Maria * Margareth Leanne * Maligalig, Emmanuel Teodosio * Malinao, David Ivan * Mamburam, Justine * Manalang, Jeremy * Manalaysay, John Loren * Manalo, Milca * Mangoroban, Amparo Klarin * Manila, Abigail * Manilay, Alessandro II * Maningas, Gilbert Benito * Manuba, Cedric Charles * Manzanares, Gelyn * Mapiscay, Angela Coleen * Maramag, Pauline * Maranan, Clarenze Joy * Marasigan, Ann Catherine * Marasigan, Cris Niño Bon * Marasigan, Eloisa Jem * Marasigan, Marwin Josef * Marasigan, Mary Martha * Marbella, Kimberly * Marcaida, Kyla Celine * Marcellana, Dana Adrienne *Mari, Danielle Joy * Mariño, Shairah Wahidah * Marmonejo, Sweetzel * Marquez, Erica * Marquez, Hanna * Martinez, Alexandra Nicole * Martinez, Kristian Michael * Martir, Nicole Anne * Matsumura, Mayumi * Matula, Ignatius Matthew * Mauleon, Anjelica * Mauleon, Marion Joie * Maunahan, Ma. Ellaine Armelie * Mawak, Rufert Benedict * Medina, Charming Hanpil * Medina, Elmira Emery * Medrana, Micholo Lanz * Medrano, Eliora Maris * Melicio, Bernardino III * Memije, Victoria Alexis * Mendez, Vien Carlo * Mendoza, Marnie Mae * Merca, Ma. Donie Jane * Mercado, Dean * Migo, Jaldrin Albert * Milante, Eunize Joy * Mirhan, Janelle Lara *Miranda, Breanne Clea * Mitra, Emmanuel * Molino, Vjay * Mondano, Roland Jr. * Monsanto, Astralou * Montecillo, Sarah Mae * Monteiro, Charlotte * Montiero, Vince Arthriz * Montorio, Enrico * Morales, Maria Ramiella * Moreno, Ma. Czarina * Mortel, Mark Jetro * Mujer, Monique Therese * Munar, Ayesa * Muramatsu, Kenji * Murillo, Matthew


* Napeñas, Arlyn * Naranjo, Joanna Pauline * Narido, Louise * Natividad, Bernard * Nelmida, Glenn * Nemo, Jose Carlo * Nepomuceno, Joan Marie * Nequinto, Maria Jose Aubrey * Ng, Nicole * Notario, Cherry Anne * Nueca, Jodel Angela * Nuñez, Nolaine Donita


* Oandasan, Olive Grace * Obach, Pauline * Obafial, Canee Louise * Obra, Kristina Pauline * Occeño, Marvin Joseph * Ogena, Vanessa * Olan, Angelica Joy * Oliva, Chryss Yancee * Olivo, Kim Oliver * Ong, Gian Jose * Opalec, Aeron Lorenz * Opulencia, Angel Fatima * Oraa, Mark Joseph * Orbeta, Richedlhyne * Oribello, Carl Joepet * Oribiana, Verna Liza * Oriel, Jorrel Cedric * Orlina, Monroe * Ozaeta, Marion Angelo


* Pabale, Ana Isabel * Pablo, Alia Julia * Pacheco, Pauline Aubrey * Pacunayen, Joshua * Padlan, Krissy * Padrid, Joanna Patricia * Paez, Kristin Zoe * Pagdanganan, Jhon Ronniel * Paglingayen, Hanna * Paguiligan, Moira Denise * Pahm, Ayesha Mae * Palomares, Camille Kate * Palomera, Romar Vincent * Palomique, Kimberly * Pamplona, Juan Miguel * Pan, Clarice Adriene * Panaligan, Celina Marie * Panggoy, Jessy Mae * Panis, Ria Mikhaella * Paraleon, Ma. Coleen * Pasang, Mary Ranzelle * Pasano, Glenn Matthew * Pascua, Ma. Lourdes * Pascual, Aira * Pascual, Ram Christian * Patacsil, John Philip * Patiño, Marco Gabriel * Patulot, Bea Camille * Pegollo, Colleen Ann * Peña, Patricia Soledad * Perez, Phoebe Nicole * Perez, Rahayana * Pesigan, Kevin * Petilla, Dona Marie * Pielago, Patricia Ann * Piñgol, Niña Alyanna * Pisano, Patrizia * Pitagan, Julius Christian * Plantilla, Immaculate Mariel * Plasabas, Dolina May * Plata, Lenandmar * Platon, Marjorie * Po, Kimberly Rose * Polido, Albert Christian * Polinar, Cassandra Joy * Ponio, Elisha Danne * Poquiz, Ma. Kimberly Anne * Posa, Gabrielle Ann * Provido, Shopia Margarita * Provido, Yzabelle * Noelline * Prudencio, Maria August * Pucyutan, Ma. Anjellica * Pudadera, Fitz Biro * Puhawan, Angelie * Pujalte, Kristine * Punongbayan, Denise * Punzalan, Mari Janae Paula


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*Zornosa, Dave Paulo


UPCAT Result 2012

By Dewmaine Sales-Ladaga

This is IT!  THIZ IZ REALLY IZ IT IZ IT!  This is the day that the Lord has made where about 10,000 high school seniors are rejoicing, but around 60,000 are in sorrow.

UPCAT Result 2012

I feel both.  In fact, I feel everything that UPCAT takers have felt today.  When I heard that the UPCAT results are out, I got excited and anxious, and couldn’t wait to check it out.  But before I did, a mom of my student last summer called me.  She told me that her son passed the UPCAT, and thanked me profusely.  You see, I talked to this mom just yesterday.  She was worried that her son might not pass the UPCAT, but grateful that I personally assisted her son prior to the UPCAT.  Her son is very diligent and really smart, but seemingly has problems when taking standardized tests under time pressure.  I could not bear it if he won’t pass the UPCAT, thus I went the extra mile to assist him weeks before the UPCAT.  And now, he did pass the UPCAT!  Praise God!  So I was very happy.  My happiness furthered when I saw the several messages akin to this on the BRAIN TRAIN Facebook Fan Page:

upcat passers message on the BRAIN TRAIN Fanpage


But then, of course, not all of our students could pass the UPCAT.  When I searched for the names of some students who I especially wanted to pass the UPCAT (of course I want EVERY ONE of our students to pass the UPCAT but there are some who I think really deserve to) and didn’ t find them, my heart started bleeding.  Seriously.  Dumudugo talaga ang puso para sa kanila.  I honestly feel ashamed of myself—nagawa ko na ba lahat?  Baka kung sinabi ko ‘to, or ginawa ko ‘to, baka pumasa siya.  I fear that they would blame me and my colleagues for not passing the UPCAT, and that when I bump onto them on the streets, I’d run out of words to say, even with my natural kadaldalan.  Because what do I tell them?  Do I tell them, “Hindi mo kasi ginalingan siguro.”  or “Hindi ka siguro nakinig sa akin ‘no?”  Or if I tell them, “Baka pasok ka sa waitlist”, would that appease them and give them further hope (although of course, you know that despite not being on THE list, there are several ways of still getting in.  Alam na ninyo ‘yun, di ba?)  But for now, I guess I just have to say, “I did my best, I really did.  If you did your best, your absolute best, then you should have no regrets.  I am sorry that you did not make it, but my regard for you did not decrease.  In fact, I dare tell UP: ‘Shame, shame!  You should’ve gotten him/her!  What a loss–you don’t know what you missed, UP!’”.

While passing the UPCAT makes one a step nearer to having a great career and people thinking of you highly, it’s JUST A STEP.  UPCAT passers, remember how much you wanted this moment…‘yung ia-update mo ‘yung Facebook profilemo at lalabas sa News Feeds at Top Stories ng lahat ng friends mo na, “Blah blah blah added the University of the Philippines to his schools”.  Saya ‘di ba?  But again, it does not end there.  You are just beginning.  I know for a fact that the intellectual freedom (and for many, the freedom from parents) that UP offers can make you or break you.  And because your tuition fee will be partly (or wholly) shouldered by the sambayang Pilipino, make sure you make yourself worthy.  I am not being holier-than-thou here.  Honestly, I was the opposite of what I’m advocating you to be when I was in college.  And it did not take me long to regret it.  I guess that’s one of the reasons why I devoted myself to working in an NGO for quite a while, sa arte kong ‘to.

Graduating from UP will be a huge advantage–that’s a fact.  But, that’s just what it is–AN ADVANTAGE.  It does not necessarily define you.  Remember, the Sorting  Hat also told Harry Potter ”You could be great, you know, and Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness, no doubt about that.”  Meaning, Harry still would have been great even if he ended up in Slytherin.  Or notice that even if he didn’t go to Slytherin (the house that was supposed to be the bridge to make him great), he still became great. And, both Ninoy (not P-Noy) Aquino and Ferdinand Marcos  were UP alumni, but history describes them very disparately.

Basta UPCAT passers, please remember that UP was created to produce quality graduates who are supposed to help make the Philippines…again, the PHILIPPINES, a better place.  Tandaan ‘yan!