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2013 Essay Entry #8: Choosing an Effective UPCAT Review Center

Choosing an Effective UPCAT Review Center

by Claudine Bacsa



The University of the Philippines College Admission Test or more popularly known as the UPCAT is a qualifying test for students who aspire to study at the University of the Philippines. So to achieve this ambition, choosing the effective UPCAT Review Center is important. But then due to limited finances, some UPCAT takers chose for self-review. This method of reviewing depends in the rate of the student’s discipline. But for me, tutorials are costumed to meet the varied needs of the UPCAT takers. Aside from the review materials given by the instructors in a review center, it also provides worthy information like tips during the examination, application tips and career seminars.

UPCAT reviews are effective because the confidence is built within the student especially in knowing what to expect in the exam proper. Being guided by the instructors helps you to clarify and answer your questions and concerns more clearly. The UPCAT Review Centers also give knowledge about problem solving techniques, critical thinking skills and strategies in answering.

Considering the details of the Review Program is an important factor in choosing the effective UPCAT Review Center suitable for you. Some of the important points to know are diagnostics or simulated examinations, review materials and the career or leadership seminars. The diagnostic exams quickly discover your strengths and weaknesses in every subject area before you begin to study with your instructor. This exam is given to indicate your current knowledge level about a certain topic. It determines which subjects you have already mastered and where you need to focus your study time for the greatest score improvement you needed. The review materials or hand-outs are given by the instructors in the review center. As a saying of the wise, practice is the key in passing the UPCAT. And the utmost way to practice is to answer sample exams. This will help you to lesson your chance of having mental block during the actual exam and to solve problems fastly.  But be sure that these review materials are provided with an answer key and solution set for all the presented problems. By the help of these, you can see how the given problem is solved and what techniques are used to solve them. The hand-outs from the review centers are an important point to know the UPCAT coverage and to study the subjects that have a large possibility in appearing in the UPCAT. The review centers also held career path and leadership seminars. The program’s goal is to provide knowledge and skills needed to introduce the career path to leadership in any academic courses. And these seminar offers knowledge, inspiration and valuable career advice.

      The instructors, class size, registration rate, location and schedule are also considered in choosing your UPCAT Review Center. An effective review centers have an effective instructors. So you should choose the review centers who hire knowledgeable instructors who can help you to clarify and answer your concerns. Class size is a big factor because if there are too several students in one class, it is difficult to focus in the review session. So it is better to have few classmates in a room so that the instructor can teach you easily. Registration rate is important to know first. The review center where you will be enrolled should be suitable with your family’s income. You will spend thousands of money but be sure to get what you paid for. So you should focus in reviewing during review hours to worth your money. Location and schedule is also important in choosing your review center because it is more convenient if the location and schedule is suitable with your place and your time.

      These were all the things to consider in choosing your UPCAT Review Center. Be sure that these will help you to achieve your dreams and attain your success. Remember that when enrolling, it is important to have knowledge about the review center that you will choose. And it is better if you will choose one of the leading UPCAT Review Centers in the country.

2013 Essay Entry #7: Customs of Opting Review Center towards Superb

 Customs of Opting Review Center towards Superb

by Kurth Maquiza 



The course of life is fast in the current period, people are always in hurry. His works does not fit within 24 hours, he often is confused and don’t know what to do first. And he rebelled; he is not a machine, he is not a robot – he is a human, has blood, has flesh, has gray matter – and has emotion and has the right to feel tired... and to surrender his physical body, the first he feel is numb and finds something that entertains him to gain energy which will be used for the rest of his works -- if a student thinks of it, it is precisely akin to what he suffered during his high school days.

For students, many prospects emerge when Graduation Day approaches. Much of it relates to questions such as how will he finish his high school life after putting too much effort just to construct four years of schooling, and how will he surpass the instance of unable to have fun with friends who were close to him. What's more is how will he opt the accurate tertiary school for him, and a great deal in addition, how will he review to pass on college entrance tests, especially the UPCAT.

God is sharp. When the time He created the entire, He assured that, it was identical to His manifestation. If He is sharp, a student can be sharp too to think ways to perk up his knowledge by means of reassess. Reading books? It is supportive, but not as much of having a trainer for his advantage. Putting up into a nutshell, joining to review centers is a helpful gizmo for him!

A student must never prefer to review centers that have lofty enrolment charge, believing that the superior the fee is; the better tutorial center is. Shun moreover in entering centers just for the reason that they have the trendiest name in all review centers. Look for the hub who conceptualizes their review programs, particularly to the area where the student is weedy. Gaze also those who teaches Science and Mathematics. Spot as well the center whose instructors are genuine in serving students like him. They also must have the mentors who have ordinary flamboyance in teaching.

The most decisive technique in selecting his apposite review center is to know if they already made statistics of students who passed the college entrance test, especially in the University of the Philippines. Perceive as well the centers that held students who were topnotchers in different campus access test.

Furthermore, a student ought to be open in obtaining statements from his friends and relatives who advocate him to approach on a particular center. This helps him to have trust towards the center and hope to pass the test if his friend or relative have a close friend there.

If a student knows how to look for choosing his apt review center, he will pass the entrance test he took especially the UPCAT. Because of this, he might rupture his loom of glee and act out what Celyn of “Ina, Kapatid, Anak” did when she saw the welcoming arms of the Oblation at UP, stood in front of it and yelled; “UP! I’m here!” Almost in no doubt, he will do it.

2013 Essay Entry #6: Choosing the Perfect UPCAT Review Center- Things You Have to Look For



Choosing the Perfect UPCAT Review Center- Things You Have to Look For

by: Janessa C. Binoya

Have you ever wondered how you can go to college easily? Isn’t it much tricky for you do not know if you (or your parents) can afford all of those expenditures approaching your wallets? This is the thing you have to deal with especially if you are not that moneyed. Different students go to different review centers trying to get a good fortune of having a 50% chance passing the entrance examinations- in the same way as the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT).

                (One of the reasons why I made an entry for this essay writing competition is that I want to leave myself in the dust of expenses that I will be in whenever I cross the threshold of any review center. I already thought of making my parents distressed, as always, because I know we cannot find the money for it. My mother makes an effort to consult every barangay officials just hoping they can help me to have some scholarship when I enroll to college. So for her not to be worn-out every so often that I have payments in school, I didn’t tell her about sending on this essay since I still do not know if I’m going to make it. But I know it doesn’t matter for however, I tried.)

                So, on purpose, what are those important things you have to look for when choosing your UPCAT Review Center? Are they really significant for you to be able to pass the UPCAT? Well, they really are vital. They are needed for anyone to have the access of going to one of the most prestigious universities here in our country. You are just going to make that 50% chance of passing the UP entrance exam to get lower if you ignore this. Moreover, you just wasted a very wonderful summer vacation.

                There are some features you have to consider when selecting your definitely effective UPCAT Review Center. Some of them are going to speak out that they are the best just to deceive you. Certain things should be avoided and several must be kept an eye on.

                (Initially, I got these tips from Academic Clinic’s post from the previous years. I used it as my guideline on writing this essay.)



These are the following criteria that should not be thought through when choosing your review center:

Passing Rate:

Numerous students look up for the passing rate a review center holds. You might suppose that it is really the most important standard on your decision but that’s a no-no. You should know first that sometimes, it depends on the student if he/she really studies hard for the exam and giving his/her full attention to the review. Come up with the idea that unless you know the number of students trained in that particular center of the same batch, and confirmed that the passers came from that particular center of just the same batch, then you can already see their proof of being the best review center.

Years in the Business:

                In fact, your review center may have been existing for hundred years or longer. But does the length in business really matter? Does it determine the good proficiency of the center? For some particular instances, indeed it does. But some centers are not that skilled well to instruct their students. They might last for extended years but it’s just because of the fallacious advertisements. In the same way as the UP, it’s not the oldest university but so far, it is unquestionably the best.


Referrals vs. Comparison:

                At times, referrals’ suggestions for an effective review center are reliable especially if they already knew it for having a satisfactory benefit. But to validate and be ensured, you yourself shall have your own comparison between different review centers.

Titles of Instructors:

                Authentically, whatever title the instructor has, doesn’t really have to be relevant. It will be better if you’ll have that instructor which has the desire to teach his/her students through effective communication with them rather than just writing on the board a particular topic with full of twists and turns that is complicated to be learned.

Registration Rate:

                A lot of review centers typically cost thousands to pay which will clearly take our money down. As what they say, quality costs money. But to minimize the expenses, it would be better if you choose a review center with affordable fees and reasonable price but still keeping the quality in good condition.

Review Location:

                Nearby review location shouldn’t be of importance especially when you just want to go in a closer center from your house. Remember that you still aren’t sure if that nearer center has good facilities or services.



                As a matter of fact, it would be better if you are going to have your own observation of choosing just the right and suitable review center for you. But in here, you can still have the guidelines for choosing a perfect one.

Review Program

                A good review program organizes career path seminars which can probably give you an idea on what course you will take up on college. It should also have their diagnostic and simulation examinations for the students to increase the possibility of hitting the mark and being ready enough for the UPCAT. Moreover, your high school grades and UPCAT rating are not only the things to be considered for you to get into UP. Your life status is also required so you can have the probability of getting over those students who attended summer reviews. Seek for those review centers which controls a UPG Seminar. If you’re into memorizing your favorite game character rather than reading books, then you need to go to an instructional and kind of game type review. If it doesn’t help you, try to look for a review program which includes peer-to-peer interaction rather than the traditional teaching method. This not only makes you enjoy the review and remember the topics easily, but you can also make friends with others as they are to you.

Review Materials

                Review materials help us understand more some of the subject matters during the review. Xeroxed modules are not that considerable for it may be sort of plagiarized from another review programs. Original reviewers are the ones to be needed by the students because it somehow reflects how well-presented the review center is. It would be more effective if it includes take home assignments and quizzes so you can learn more. The presence of demos, PowerPoint presentations, hands-on experiential learning activities, exhibits, etc. are some proofs that the review program took time to exert an effort for the students to get more interested about what they are teaching.

Effectiveness of Instructors

                Effective instructors shall engage with their students to be able to make the concepts simpler and easier. The thing that students can promptly ask the instructor about anything that he/she is having a difficulty with.

Length of Review

                The length of review apparently represents the amount of learning a student can get from it. Choose a review center that is willing to spend time to teach their students rather than grabbing their free time after the review.


                These are the things to be considered when choosing the best UPCAT Review Center for you.

                Don’t ever be worried if you fail the UPCAT. Just keep in mind that you have to do it with your heart. Prove to yourself that you may not be the best, but you are better than anyone else.

2013 Essay Entry #5: Not so Long


Not so Long

by Aubrey Jasme


Not so long, I was in my elementary days, now I’m on my junior stage. Planning my college life was not on my mindset until I was on my third year in high school. I’m the kind of person who really prepares things that are not taken for granted.

      I always remind my parents that I’ll enter UP when I go to college. I even ask my brother if he thinks I could pass UP. He has a deeper faith in me than I have for myself. I’ve already planned and set my college life entering UP. Passing UPCAT and being called as “ISKO ng Bayan” will really be a great success and privilege knowing that out of 70,000 takers only 10,000 will be admitted.

      I came from a good school and almost all of our graduating schoolmates who took UPCAT passes it. I was inspired by them. I told myself that someday I’ll go to UP too. From there, I started reading blogs by some UPCAT takers sharing their experiences before and during the test.

     I was told by my senior schoolmate who took UPCAT recently that 40% of the chance of passing UPCAT will be based on your grades and the other 60% will depend on your test result. My grades are consistentbut what I bother about is the latter. Having experienced brain train’s teaching, she told me that the UPCAT questions are really basic but tricky. To be able to pass through this, you must equipped yourself with knowledge aside from what you learned inside the four corners of your school. To help you make through it, reviewing centers will surely help you. But I realized my parents would not totally afford the fees in the reviewing center. Then, our senior schoolmate posted something about this essay writing contest. It made me see that I still have the opportunity to enrol in the review center. I real all the procedures and mechanics and I knew that this contest is not that easy. I was double minded. My heart says, “I want to try.” While my head says, “You think you can win?” But faith becomes my strength, there’s no harm trying, anyway.

     There are many reviewing centers all around the Philippines. You know all of them would really be a great help as you take entrance exams not just in UP but also to other universities. But which one to take? Which would help me a lot?

     Every student looks forward for a review center that is high in quality standard, has a good environment, and has friendly and experienced teachers.A teacher-student interaction is a great factor in choosing a review center. It is the harmonious relationship that bonds and ties students along with their academic performance. Every day, teachers make countless real-time decisions and facilitate dozens of interactions between themselves and their students.Teachers who foster positive relationships with their students create classroom environments more conducive to learning and meet students’ developmental, emotional and academic needs. Entering a review center, it’s not that easy to cope with a new class. You still need to adjust yourself with your new environment. Your teachers here are not the same teachers you’re used to in your class, that’s why for me, an approachable teacher is really a big factor in considering a review center.

The end justifies the means. For me, as a student, a review center that is high in quality standard is indeed one factor to consider. It’s good to hear whenever they had something to be proud of, where its products are now with their dream universities. Their experience is their foundation.


I’m a kind of student who is easily influenced by her environment. Bring me to a group of clamorous people, and sooner or later, I’ll be noisy too that is why I want a productive environment, where everything is organized so that I can focus, an environment that would really boost me up and bring out the best in me.

But above all, do you know what I really look for? A review center that would make me realize, no matter how hard it is, I CAN DO IT AT MY VERY BEST. There’s no confident or assurance in taking entrance exams, that’s why I want something that would shape/mold every student’s fear into courage, something that would motivate us and making us more inspired and hopeful rather than just feeding our hungry minds. I want them to serve as my guide and as my stepping stone to success.

And also, I want something that is totally fun. Fun in a sense that it comes along with KNOWLEDGE and INSPIRATION. In the end, passing UPCAT or not, I should still be thankful that once in my life, I’ve gone to a tough battle and a memorable experience as a student.


2013 Essay Entry #4: From Mediocrity to Excellence

From Mediocrity to Excellence

by Bobby Sotelo



Preparation for UPCAT is very much critical. It is not a normal examination like that of the quarterly tests done in school since your future as a college student lies in your scores in the test. It requires one to burn the midnight oil so the admission to school like UP will be more of reality than dream. As a junior student hoping to study in this premiere university, should you think of having an ideal review center for as early as now?Let us say that self-review can do however with a tutorial center, you can guarantee a sure spot in the seats of a freshman UP student. Therefore your fortune to be in UP depends between you and the review center you are about to patronize.

            There are many review centers in the country but only a few gives excellent services. Naturally when asked about the best review center, one would say that theirs is better than the other. But what really an ideal review center is? What are the things we need to consider in choosing a review center so we can ace the test?

            When talking about UPCAT review centers, most parents will begin to ask questions like “How much is the payment, son?” or “Aren’t there any other center which offers lesser payment?” It is a big concern for the parents to take into account the financial needs when planning to send their child in an UPCAT review or even the child himself decides to undergo such review. Of course no parent wants to spend money for nothing. So they would most likely look for review centers which tender good servicefrom review materials to seminarsbut which expenses are not too high. Review centers giving discounts and free review slots through competitions are also good deals. Such things would mean a lot only if behind those discounts and free slots is a considerable review center.

            Another thing one must bear in mindis the kind of instructor a review center has.In fact, it is in thehands of the instructors the certainty of understanding and learning by the students. They hold the chance of the students to pass the UP entrance exam only because they are the ones who constantly feed the mind of the students with information that would help them succeed and eventually be in admission. So it would be better to seekfor review centers whose instructors ensure intellectual competence among students and integrate discipline throughout the review program. And when it comes into discussions, the instructor should sound logical with concepts explained in details. One vital part of being an instructor is the effectiveness of teaching. An instructor is effective if he can inspire and influence students through expert and referent power but never coercive power.In that way, motivation and interest arouses in the students and a strong mutual relationship is built between them and the instructors. It is a good indication then that the review center is ideal because of the professional instructors it has.

            Suppose a review center only had that good amount and the best possible instructor, it is not deemed perfect if it lacks this plus point: organized, comprehensive and structured review materials,including seminars.

The availability of original reviewers and exam modules is an indication of a systematic review program. Good exam modules are those which include detailed solutions and explanations, not to mention the degree of precision and correctness of test questions. In reviewers it is important that the scope encompasses all subjects covered in UPCATincluding the essay-writing so the students are set to good preparation. But ideal review centers not just involve relevant discussion of the subjects but also college seminars which would help incoming college freshmen in choosingthe profession that fits them. These may give them realization on the course to take for college based on their strengths, inclinations and interests. Moreover in a good review program, monitoring your development and chances of passing the UPCAT are done through diagnostic and simulation exams. The first tells how much work needs to be done. The latter gives you your final UPCAT predicted grade and the measure on how effective the review center is. So it is beneficial if a review center complies with this criterion. Take note that simulation exams are comparatively harder than diagnostic exams.

Presented above are three main points when searching for the right review and tutorial center. In some instances, students may consider the number of sessions or days of review. This is directly proportional with how much information a student gets in one day but it still depends on the teacher and of course the student himself. No matter how long the preparation is if the review program is not worth it then your time is only wasted.

Summer vacation is here again. You’re almost done with the three years of stay in high school. One more year and you’ll be sent into university. Seven or maybe eight months from now, UP will initiate its entrance exam for a new batch of aspiring scholars.Are you enthusiastic about this? If yes, then look for the review center whichsatisfies your list of standards. It is necessary to set your expectations once you begin to plan of having a review center. It will help you filter centers which are ineffectiveand unconvincing, which when unidentified may lead to frustration and hopelessness.