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Why does BRAIN TRAIN employ strict policies regarding tardiness and attendance?
This must actually be deemed POSITIVELY. Every second at the BRAIN TRAIN REVIEW is very important---the pace of the REVIEW is fast and each meeting is densely filled with important lessons. In fact, memorable techniques and valuable lessons are imparted even when BRAIN TRAIN teachers seem to just be kidding around! BRAIN TRAIN teachers sincerely feel sorry for a student who missed even a few minutes of their lessons, for they feel certain that time wasted makes a whole lot of difference. Think: What would the management of BRAIN TRAIN gain when they require absentee students to complete their attendance by attending make-up classes? Absolutely nothing! This is even an additional work to the staff. But despite the probable gaining of a parent's or student's ire, the BRAIN TRAIN management still insists that its every student get his money's worth. Think again: If a review center (or any education institution for that matter) does not care whether its students complete the whole review course, it goes to show that the people behind do not deem their lectures and program important or effective. Or that all they care about is the fact that the client has already paid, period.
How effective is the REVIEW?
The BRAIN TRAIN REVIEW is so effective that it has more UPCAT passers than all the other review centers combined. BRAIN TRAIN is the only review center which has been posting its passers’ list year after year after year. Other review centers claim to have high passing rates, but without any proof.  Other review centers also post passers lists that include UPCAT passers who are just their forum members or Facebook friends but did not necessarily review with them.  Moreover, there have been so many cases wherein a student less expected to pass the UPCAT makes it after attending the BRAIN TRAIN REVIEW, while a student more expected to pass does not make it after NOT attending the BRAIN TRAIN REVIEW.
Is this REVIEW also effective for other college entrance tests?
Yes. If the BRAIN TRAIN REVIEW had been able to help thousands of students to enter UP (the most competitive/the toughest university to get into), then helping students get into other universities is a cinch. In fact, many of our former students did not just pass the ACET/DLSUCET/USTET, etc. but were even given scholarships because of their high scores.  
The regular BRAIN TRAIN REVIEW is patterned most after the UPCAT; the subtests and question types of the UPCAT are similar to the subtypes and question types of other college admission tests.  But if a regular BRAIN TRAIN reviewee wants to intensify his preparation for the ACET and DLSUCET, he has the option to join BRAIN TRAIN's Intensive ACET and DLSUCET Review for an additional fee.  In BRAIN TRAIN's Intensive ACET and DLSUCET Review, the subtests unique to ACET and DLSUCET will be tackled.
I am already Number 1 in my class in school. Do I still need to attend the REVIEW?
Even if you already expect to pass the UPCAT, there are other benefits that can be derived from the REVIEW. Here are some:
  1. You would have better chances of becoming an UPCAT Topnotcher (a very great honor, as this affirms that you are among the most intelligent students in your batch. Plus, you will receive full scholarship - free tuition with monthly allowance)
  2. It will further raise your UPCAT score, so you have better chances of qualifying for the Advanced Placement Test (APE) in UP. Being an APE passer will exempt you from having to take up some subjects in college, thus making your load lighter and your college days easier.
  3. It will raise your grades even further in school, securing your spot as an honor graduate.
  4. What you will learn from the REVIEW will also benefit you throughout college.
Of the Los Baños batches, which is most recommended?
BRAIN TRAIN recommends the first batch since this gives a student plenty of time after the REVIEW to still catch up on his weak subject areas, either through self-study or by availing of BRAIN TRAIN tutorial services.
Are the teachers in all venues the same?  Do the different venues have different review qualities?
Almost none.  All venues employ the same review program and review material.  We also try our best to let students in all BRAIN TRAIN REVIEW venues to  experience every BRAIN TRAIN teacher.  Although there are rare instances when certain teachers cannot teach in some venues (due to a teacher's personal schedule conflict, etc.), we ensure that no venue will be shortchanged; BRAIN TRAIN teachers calibrate their lessons and share their teaching expertise to one another.
I will not be able to attend any of your summer offerings. Do you still offer REVIEW classes in June and July?
Yes, but only during weekends because the school year has already begun by then. Because of this, BRAIN TRAIN does NOT recommend the June-July batch. Students will practically have no more time to rest because after attending school from Monday to Friday, they still have to attend the REVIEW during weekends. Hence students who take this batch are rarely able to attend all the REVIEW sessions. It also becomes too late for them to catch up on their weak subject areas.