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Review with the Best!

  • Proven effective through the years. Check our Passers Lists through the years to see the names of thousands of BRAIN TRAINees who successfully conquered entrance exams. Take note that a number of BRAIN TRAINees even aced the exams, making them topnotchers. Notice that our passers considerably increase year after year.  Plus, read these Case Studies that show Brain Trainees really having an edge over non-Bain these are undisputable proofs of a truly effective review program!
  • No misleading/vague UPCAT passers lists. The names on the Passers and Topnotchers Lists we present are actual BRAIN TRAIN students: they actually underwent our review program. Our Passers Lists do not include passers who simply connected with us through the BRAIN TRAIN Club or befriended us on Facebook. It is not our practice to claim credit where credit is not due simply to increase the number of our Passers and Topnotchers List. Moreover, our Passers and Topnotchers Lists are clearly defined: our UPCAT Passers List does not contain the names of passers of other college entrance tests.
  • Dare to compare. How does BRAIN TRAIN fare compared with other review centers? Take it from these UPCAT and PSHS/UPRHS passers who dared to compare the BRAIN TRAIN review with other review programs.

    Note: The following students’ comments were lifted from their post-review evaluation (except for Angel Mendoza’s) prior to their taking exams. BRAIN TRAIN did not instigate the students to compare it with other review centers in writing; these are simply what the students had written on their evaluation sheets.

    PIA VIANCA NIKKA GARING compared the BRAIN TRAIN review with the review attended by her peers, and was definitely glad she chose the best. This was what she had written in her post-review evaluation:
    "I am glad I took BRAIN TRAIN classes and not others because my classmates [who enrolled] in other review centers tell us that their teachers are boring and the way the teachers teach is “snooze-inducing”. The BRAIN TRAIN teachers were funny and not boring. I also like the way the lessons here were taught: straight to the point."

    JODIV MALICSI reviewed at BRAIN TRAIN and in another review center at the same time. This was his verdict: “[What I liked best in BRAIN TRAIN is that They clearly discuss the answers in every Practice Test, unlike in the other review center where we just answer and answer. It’s good to be at BRAIN TRAIN. You will never get bored here.”

    MARIA QUITA GUEVARRA was glad to have chosen BRAIN TRAIN, because her friends/classmates who reviewed elsewhere were not satisfied like her.  She had this written this on her evaluation:
    Hindi siya boring unlike other review classes. Once you enroll at BT, you will always look forward to its every meeting…very helpful. THE BEST!

    ANGEL MENDOZA reviewed at BRAIN TRAIN and then reviewed again at another review center. She had written this on her blog: “not satisfied [with her review in another review center]..sana sa bhay na lang aq maghapon.. hehe..sana natulog na lng aq ng mahabang oras....thanks na lng sa mga papel..hahahahaha..hay..i miz brain much..di maiwasang macompare ung mga tao kanina buh..walang wala ih..tsk..thanks na rin sa effort nila..haha.

    PARDAU LAARNI VALERIO is known to have tried reviewing in at least two (2) other review centers besides BRAIN TRAIN, thereby making her opinion very credible. She had written this:
    "Best review center! Studying here really pays off. [BRAIN TRAIN] makes studying really fun. There is no such boring moment here. The teachers are the best. It [the review] helps us even in school. It gave us the most out of our money.”

    STEVEN MICHAEL RESMA had reviewed at another review center first, and then at BRAIN TRAIN. This was what he had written in his post-BRAIN TRAIN Review Evaluation:
    “Best review center I’ve been in; great teachers, well-created modules/handouts, conducive learning and good time management.”

    CHASSAGNE YAOYAO, after talking to her friend about their review classes, volunteered this information to us: “I love the teachers, the supplementary materials. I asked my friend about her review classes [not BRAIN TRAIN], and I think I’m enrolled in the best. We really got our money’s worth. The teachers are not boring at all; I like them all and I wish they were the teachers in our school.

  • No wasted time. BRAIN TRAIN does not waste its student’s time, so there are no boring unnecessary lessons here! We give energized and simplified discussions, and our lectures put emphasis techniques and shortcuts. Our review materials are concise and easy to read, not something that looks like a regular textbook. And since our teachers know that every second counts, they will not waste your time with icebreakers that do not help in hurdling exams—our teachers’ activities are not only stimulating but are also relevant!
  • Excellent teachers. Our teachers’ line-up is our primary pride, thus we invest in selecting and in and training them. We choose teachers whose résumés show that they definitely know the nitty-gritty of what they will teach, and whose personalities can capture the interest of students. Get to know the illustrious BRAIN TRAIN teachers and read what students have to say about them HERE.