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Agree to the BRAIN TRAIN Rules and Regulations

1. NEVER lend or give away your BRAIN TRAIN review manual. BRAIN TRAIN’s materials are all
copyrighted, and we are very serious in catching and penalizing offenders (In case you witness
someone lending or giving out his BRAIN TRAIN materials, please report the incident to us immediately; we will gladly compensate you for your concern).
2. Only students with complete attendance will be allowed to take the UPCAT Simulations (the final
exam). Those with absences will only be allowed to take the exam AFTER attending make-up classes (which could be in another venue in another town).
3. BRAIN TRAIN reserves the right to drop out a student who has missed at least six (6) hours of his
BRAIN TRAIN lessons.
4. All deficiencies (review fee balance, ID picture, and signed review course agreement) should have
been settled by the second meeting at the latest. BRAIN TRAIN reserves the right to drop out a student
who would not comply.
5. Always refer to the review schedule as BRAIN TRAIN tries to really adhere to it, thus classes will
be postponed only under extreme circumstances (e.g. strong typhoon). In such cases, BRAIN TRAIN
students and parents will be notified via text message AND e-mail. If no text message OR email from BRAIN
TRAIN is received, it is safe to assume that classes will push through.
6. If there is a scheduled class on a holiday, it will push through unless otherwise announced.
7. BRAIN TRAIN office hours (Los Baños and Sta. Rosa main offices) are 8:00 am-12:00 noon and
1:00-5:00 pm, Mondays to Saturdays (BRAIN TRAIN partner schools might NOT be open on Saturdays).
Please call or visit us only during these times.
8. BRAIN TRAIN does NOT guarantee that all of its students will pass the UPCAT. Be suspicious of any
review center that makes outrageous promises. For one, 40% of the UPG (University Predicted Grade, which will determine whether or not a student will be accepted by UP) comes from the student’s average grades from 1st to 3rd year high school. That is why, to some people’s surprise, even students of the topnotch high schools sometimes do not pass the UPCAT (their low grades pull down their UPG). However, BRAIN TRAIN guarantees that its determined students will have a huge advantage over non-BRAIN TRAIN students.
9. BRAIN TRAIN does NOT claim that the questions tackled during the review are the ones that will
actually appear in the UPCAT; that would have been leakage. This is why BRAIN TRAIN teachers will keep
on telling students NOT to focus on the questions on the manual/handouts but rather on the concepts, as there are a hundred ways of asking questions based on only one concept. Principles, application, and
comprehension will be emphasized, NOT memorization. Students who focus solely on our review
questions (not the principles behind them) will surely find the actual UPCAT very difficult (they will
be startled at the entirely “new” questions).
10. On the final day is the UPCAT Simulations. This is to assess a student’s readiness and chances of passing the UPCAT, as well as to give him a feel of an UPCAT environment.
11. A detailed student assessment report will be given to parents (check out the review schedule for
the release date) via the BRAIN TRAIN website. It is important for parents to see their child’s
assessment report as early as possible for them to immediately recognize their child’s strengths
and weaknesses.
2. NEVER write your answers on your handouts. Instead, write your answers on your notebooks for you to preserve handouts for reviewing at home. Remember to write the title of the test or exercise, and,
during checking, write the correct answer beside every wrong answer. This will then serve as your
own answer key.
3. Remember that this is just a review, so expect that several topics that will be discussed here have
already been taught at your respective schools. It would be very futile for us to discuss “advance lessons” that will not appear in the UPCAT.
4. The fact that this is just a review is also the reason why in most cases, you will be asked to answer a Practice Test first BEFORE the teacher discusses the lessons. The Practice Tests gauge how much you have learned from your respective schools, and to later on refresh and clarify your forgotten or confusing school lessons.
WARNING: Despite the availability of BRAIN TRAIN make-up classes, we DISCOURAGE students from abusing this privilege and being absent from their regular classes for trivial reasons (vacations, outings, etc.). Although each BRAIN TRAIN teacher tries to make his lectures and discussions uniform for all classes, inevitable circumstances (such as the students’ collective aptitude and discipline, etc.) usually make each lecture and discussion different from one class to another. Thus, a student attending make-up classes might not understand parts of the discussion, or might find that the lessons are advance or delayed as compared with the lessons in his regular section.
Step 1: Check (on your class schedule) the date when you were absent. List down all the review topics you missed.
Step 2: Visit www.brain-train.com.ph and go to Schedules and Venues>Detailed Schedules>UPCAT Review 2017. Click the links of the schedules of other batches to download them. Look for all that you missed in these schedules (take time to study each section as the schedule of each section may differ from those of other sections of the same batch). Choose the venue, section, and schedule that is suited for you.
Step 3: Obtain a Make-up Form from any BRAIN TRAIN staff (NOT from a teacher). Fill it out properly. There is NO need for you to call up BRAIN TRAIN and ask for permission to attend make-up classes.
Step 4: Arrive at least 15 minutes early on your chosen venue and schedule and notify any BRAIN TRAIN staff (NOT teacher) that you will be taking make-up classes and in which section. Ask to be assisted in looking for a seat, etc. Do NOT be late or do NOT arrive just in time, as this will disrupt the students of the regular class.
Step 5: After each class, take the initiative to ask the teacher to sign your Make-up Form before he goes out. Do NOT expect the teacher to remind you to do this. Failure to get his signature is equivalent to NOT having taken the make-up classes yet.
        After the regular summer review, consider attending the BRAIN TRAIN UPCAT Refresher and the
BRAIN TRAIN Intensive Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET) and De La Salle University College
Entrance Test (DLSUCET) Review, both exclusively for BRAIN TRAIN students.














1 whole day (Saturday or Sunday), 1-3 weeks before the UPCAT


2 whole days (Saturday & Sunday), 1-3 weeks before the ACET or DLSUCET



last day of the UPCAT Review batch you are enrolled in



last day of the UPCAT Review batch you are enrolled in



        The BRAIN TRAIN UPCAT Refresher is a summary of the most important tips and topics in the BRAIN
TRAIN UPCAT Review. It is to be taught by four of BRAIN TRAIN’S best teachers.
        The BRAIN TRAIN Intensive ACET & DLSUCET Review is an additional two days of review exclusively for these two universities. The BRAIN TRAIN UPCAT Review already covers most subtests that also appear in the ACET and DLSUCET. However, there are still quite a few subtests that appear only in the ACET or DLSUCET. We have decided to isolate these subtests since not all BRAIN TRAIN students will be taking these two tests and would prefer to focus on the UPCAT. For those who are also determined to make it to Ateneo and DLSU, this additional review is for them.
         Enrolment deadline is three working days before the scheduled date for each venue or while there are available slots. Students who enroll past the deadline may be charged a late enrolment fee. Probable venues are Quezon City, Taguig, Sta. Rosa, Dasmarinas, Los Banos, and Tanauan. The dates are still to be determined as the schedules for the UPCAT, ACET, and DLSUCET have been changing yearly the past few years. BRAIN TRAIN is going to adjust to the dates of these three exams.
Step 1: Check (on your class schedule) the date and time when your batch’s Final Simulations Report will be
Step 2: In the address bar of your internet browser, type http://www.students.brain-train.com.ph/login.html or click the <Students> button on the upper right hand corner of the homepage of http://www.brain-train.com.ph. You will be taken to the Student's Hub page.
Step 3: Type your first name, middle name, last name and reviewee number into the appropriate fields, and hit <SIGN IN> to log into your account. Your reviewee number may be found on your BRAIN TRAIN Manual.
Step 4: At the upper left hand corner of the Student's Hub page, click on the <Download Files> button. You will be taken to the Downloads Section of your account. Look for the document named "Final Simulation Result" and click the <Download Now> button adjacent to it. You can now print of save the document in pdf format.