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NOTE: The following testimonials were lifted from the BRAIN TRAIN Post-Review Questionnaires given on the students’ last day of review, and prior to the release of the exams’ results. We did not, in any way, contact these students AFTER the exam results to ask for testimonials. More glowing words about BRAIN TRAIN have been written on our former students’ evaluations, but due to space limitations and redundancy we opted not to publish them anymore.

       [BRAIN TRAIN] has a fun atmosphere that keeps the attention of the students. The review makes the usually difficult lessons easy to understand. The review was interesting, fun and one can really learn a lot from it. There’s nothing I didn’t like about it.
Alexandrea Therese Tuason of the Philippine Science High School SMC
2009 UPCAT Passer
       They discussed everything carefully, and they try to make things understandable for us. They gave us memory aids. The overall review was satisfying. I did learn a lot, and BRAIN TRAIN even helped me in school.
Alista Dean Perez of the Laguna Bel-Air School
6th Placer, 2010 UP Rural High School Entrance Test
       I like the teachers very much! It amazes me how much topics we were able to take-up and understand in weeks! It really sums-up and refreshes its students on what they have already learned at school. I really want us to have more classes—I do not want my BRAIN TRAIN teachers to leave [for Los Banos] yet! I will miss BRAIN TRAIN very much!
Andrea Marie Lee Domingo
2009 UPCAT Passer
       What I really like about the BRAIN TRAIN classes is how we reviewees are given techniques on how to ace the UPCAT. The BRAIN TRAIN review is the best college entrance review ever and I have no negative comments about it.
Antonia Concepcion Belmonte of Xavier University High School
UPCAT 2011 Passer
       BRAIN TRAIN is the best. It is very organized; the teachers have 100% mastery of the lessons that they teach. Masaya silang magturo, hindi nakakaantok. I learned a lot from BRAIN TRAIN because of the teaching strategies.
Bernadette Orgen of Makati Science High School
2009 UPCAT Passer
       BRAIN TRAIN truly lives up to its slogan of giving its students an advantage over the others.
Carla Cristina Capuno of De La Salle Lipa
2004 UP Oblation Scholar
       salamat sa BRAIN TRAIN!!! yehey!!! pasado aq sa UPCAT!!! nice ung mga tips na ibinigay nyo samin... ung mga test taking tips... nakatulong po talaga ng sobra... pati ung 20 days na review namin... sobrang laking 2long po para makapasa sa U.P.!!! yehey!!! salamat talaga ng marami sa BRAIN TRAIN, sa mga teachers namin jan... and xempre... ang inspiraxon ng lahat sa BRAIN TRAIN, c BEAUTY!!! hehehehe!!! BRAIN TRAIN ROCKS!!! TRIED AND TESTED NA TALAGA!!! SALAMAT BRAIN TRAIN!!! - posted on Brain Train's Friendster account
Charles Anthony Cornejo of St. Benilde International School
2008 UPCAT Passer
       I like the way the teachers explain because they make the students fully understand the lessons. The teachers were smart and knowledgeable; they really are experts in their respective fields. There was nothing I did not like about BRAIN TRAIN.
Czar Elemido Quesada III of the Philippine Science High School SMC
2009 UPCAT Passer
       [What I liked best are] The TEACHERS!!! And their way of teaching. They have techniques…they are good in putting their thoughts about relevant topics into our brains. It’s fun, in a way that they make the topics seem so easy. And exciting because I made new friends. Love BRAIN TRAIN! XD
Dennis Earvin Llamanzares of Pedro Guevara Memorial National High School
2009 UPCAT Passer
       I learned a lot and I was able to really concentrate during class. I like how every teacher had their own way of making the lessons easy to understand and their own way of making learning fun. I liked every bit of the review. The review has given me confidence in believing that I can pass the UPCAT!!!
Franchesca May Guico of St. Mary's School
2011 UPCAT Passer
       I had a wonderful time reviewing for the UPCAT [at BRAIN TRAIN].
Gerjane Cabunagan of the UP Rural High School
2003 UP Oblation Scholar
       I like the review program [via BRAIN TRAIN's way], our mistakes are understood better and are not forgotten. BRAIN TRAIN's teachers are very approachable and we were given good review handouts.
Gianna Kristin Santos of the Philippine Science High School SMC
2009 UP INTARMED Candidate
       What I liked best about BRAIN TRAIN? Everything: the teachers, the handouts...everything was perfect :) There was nothing I didn’t like about it. Keep up the good work.
Glaiza Baje of Fountain International School
2011 INTARMED Candidate
       it was all worth it. actually, carmela, micah, levin, and i were studying 6 days a week last summer. MWFS for BT and TTH for advanced trigo and p6. hehe.. pero ung BT mas masaya. ndi saturated.. tenks for all the tips and help. haha.. tsaka dun sa techniques for guesswork. nyahaha. i guess it worked especially in the math part of UPCAT. when the proctor told us that we only had 20 mins left, i was just half way through. hehe. i was annoyed by my seatmates who were already eating and going out because they were done while i was still grudgingly looking at the problems and choices. im very proud to have been part of the team.. BrainTrain is the best. :D ndi na kelangan magmemorize nang mahihirap na terms na ndi na lumalabas sa test.. tenk you sa lahat ng prof namen dun sa FAITH. sir.. punta aq jan sa march. hehe.. intayin nyu q.. :D Godbless.. rock o -posted on Friendster
Greco Mark Malijan of De La Salle LIpa
2008 UP INTARMED Qualifier
       I was impressed with every aspect of the review! :) There’s never a dull moment. I enjoyed the classes and the teachers are really fun to be with. Plus, I learned a lot in such a short time. I had a lot of fun here at BRAIN TRAIN :) KUDOS to everyone behind BT!
Guia Rabacca of St. Paul College
2011 UP INTARMED Candidate
       The teachers were fun. The cost was really worth it. Indeed, I learned a lot from Brain Train. There was never a dull moment in our class.
Jenelle Sambo of Philippine Science High School SMC
2011 UP INTARMED Candidate and Ateneo de Manila Director's List Qualifier
       BRAIN TRAIN is the best review center ever! All the teachers are amazing and the lessons are efficient in making the students more interested in studying.
John Matthew Cajudo of the Philippine Science High School Main
2008 UP INTARMED Candidate and 2004 UP Rural High Topnotcher (reviewed at BRAIN TRAIN for both his high school entrance and college entrance tests)
       I had enrolled in BT in the past (for his UPRHS exam) and I found it effective. BT really refreshes the students' minds of the lessons they may have forgotten in a very enjoyable way.
Joshua Josef Torres of UP Rural High School
2009 UP INTARMED Candidate
       BRAIN TRAIN ROCKS. A lot is covered in a short span of time. Lessons that weren’t clear before [BRAIN TRAIN] became easy to understand. The teachers were also fun to learn from, and are very supportive. The tips and shortcuts also gave us a huge advantage.
Kit Iris Frias of Davao Christian High School
2009 UPCAT Passer
       The teachers are very approachable. The review was worth its salt. :) I love it!
Kris Anne Estoesta of Philippine Science High School SMC
2011 UP INTARMED Candidate
       The review classes were very fun. I understood my school lessons better because of BRAIN TRAIN. The review was very thorough. It helped boost my confidence in taking the UPCAT.
Kristi Angeli King of the Philippine Science High School SMC
2009 UP INTARMED Candidate
       [The review was] Fun, enjoyable! It's really worth the money.
Liana Isabel Baconguis of Morning Star Montessori School Los Banos
1st Placer, 2009 UP Rural High School Entrance Test
Passer, Philippine Science High School Main Campus
       I loved the techniques. The lessons were fun and the things that I've learned helped me a lot.
Ma. Dominique Culing of the Montessori of the Nativity
2007 UP Rural High Topnotcher and Philippine Science High School Passer
       Ang gagaling ng teachers! Sobra! Ang saya! ‘Di talaga nasayang ang bayad ko kasi ang dami kong natutunan; manghihinayang ka talaga ‘pag um-absent ka. Three weeks lang pero na-refresh ang utak ko dahil naituro nang maayos ang lahat pnag-aralan naming mula 1st year hanggang 3rd year.
Marlene Joy Clarito of Laguna College
2009 UPCAT Passer
       Best review center! Studying here really pays off. There is no such boring moment here. The teachers are the best. It helps us even in school. It gave us the best out of our money. :)
Pardau Laarni Valerio of Morning Star Montessori School Calamba
4th placer, 2009 UPRHS Entrance Test
Passer, PSHS Main Campus
       What I thought were hard lessons in school became clear in BRAIN TRAIN. The review is such a huge factor in boosting my passing any college entrance exam.
Paulynne Angelie Aguhob of Xavier University High School
2011 UPCAT Passer
       No wasted time. No boring moments. UPCAT's difficulty was diminished by BRAIN TRAIN!
Pocholo Braza of the Philippine Science High SChool SMC
2011 UP INTARMED Candidate
       Thank you for giving us the most comprehensive review for the UPCAT. We learned the toughest lessons in the easiest and fastest way! We owe so much from you. Your review is simply the BEST!
Romalino Caraig of St. Thomas Academy
2003 UP INTARMED Candidate
       Having enrolled here before for my high school entrance test review,] I know the quality of education BRAIN TRAIN gives. Its facilities are great, and the teachers are still fun to be with. It’s still a great place to learn things, old and new. What I didn’t like about it? Uhm, just the floating chalk dust.
Samuel Fernandez, Jr. of the Philippine Science High School Main
2009 UPCAT Passer
       Best review center I've been in; great teachers, well-created modules/handouts, conducive learning and good time management.
Steven Michael Resma of the Philippine Science High School SMC
2010 UP Oblation Scholar and INTARMED Candidate, ADMU Director's Lister and DLSU Star Scholar Steven Michael Resma
       Ayos....maayos ang schedule ng mga subjects. I really liked all the teachers. Ang ganda ng teaching methods nila. Energetic, fun teachers! Ang gagaling talaga magturo, gaganahan ka talaga mag-aral. They make the discussions very interesting by applying the problems in real life…nakakatuwa kasi hindi masyadong serious at nakaka-stress kasi may ways ang teachers para makapag-relax at para maka-gain ng confidence ang students. Galing! Ang daming natututunan sa bawat subject kahit tig-1 hour lang. ‘Di pa nakaka-stress....
Yuri Jamillan Matba of South Hill School, Inc.
2009 UPCAT Passer