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“Good teachers are costly, but bad teachers cost more” ~ Bob Talbert

BRAIN TRAIN’s line-up of teachers is its most prized asset, and preparing this line-up is very grueling and is taken very seriously by the management.

After appraising applicants through their résumés to make sure that they will make credible teachers, each aspirant undergoes an impromptu teaching demonstration for the management to determine if he/she is articulate and charismatic. When an applicant passes the teaching demonstration, he/she goes through a series of teaching workshops and seminars with other BRAIN TRAIN teachers to calibrate and choose the best method of teaching and presenting the lessons. He/she will be also required to watch a veteran teacher in action to take notes and to have a feel of how the Brain Train classes are conducted. Only then will he/she be allowed to teach.

These efforts pay off really well because BRAIN TRAIN gives its students teachers who impress and inspire them first, thereby making them listen, laugh…and of course, LEARN. This is why BRAIN TRAIN students always mention in their Post-Review Evaluation that their BRAIN TRAIN teachers are the best teachers they have ever had.